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Topic: Number Force
Message: Posted by: MagicDaveNYC (Oct 28, 2017 07:49AM)
Need a little help. Recently saw a performance where a Magi forced a number out of six choices. He placed one die into a cup which a spectator then shook. The number forced was a two.

I really want to perform this routine but I have no idea how to force a number on a die... or if not a die then some other way?

I thought of just forcing a card... but doesn't make sense if you want just 6 choices... any ideas would be appreciated... thanks.


PS Yes I did a search but couldn't find any relevant info... also google... not much luck.
Message: Posted by: MagicDaveNYC (Oct 28, 2017 03:26PM)
Just found a shop in Scotland that specializes in Dice called Highland Games. They sell forcing Dice - where all 6 sides will have the same number. This solves my problem. Thanks.
Message: Posted by: D. Yoder (Oct 28, 2017 10:04PM)
Could you use a chop cup with a loaded die? That way the die would be examinable.