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Topic: Breakaway scissors
Message: Posted by: Ross W (Nov 3, 2017 01:26PM)
Anyone know of a source for these? I've looked around the web without success. Ideally in the UK?

Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (Nov 27, 2017 11:47AM)
I bought two pairs. One a locking 'Golden Fun Scissors",and one a break apart Golden.....from Supreme about 40 years ago. They were great. If you see a set on the used market, and, they are in working order, I would snatch them up. Edwin didn't MAKE them, but, someone in England did.
Message: Posted by: Samuel Catoe (Dec 17, 2017 12:16AM)
Bazar De Magica made a pair about 15 years ago that you may still be able to find. They were not so much breakaway as they were a falling blade as one blade would drop down. They weren't good for cutting though, just fyi. If you want to know more about them, pm me.
Message: Posted by: Samuel Catoe (Jan 18, 2018 02:51AM)
Just finding this thread again and noticed I forgot to add that Bazar also made a full set of four scissors for rope routines. A Falling Blade pair, a Cut No Cut pair, a Broken Blade pair (where the handles will open but the blades do not, and a Blades Away pair (where you can actually disconnect the blades when you hand them to the participant). I have all but the Blades Away pair, and they are really beautiful, real pairs of scissors. The Cut No Cut will actually cut rope too.
Message: Posted by: Ross W (Mar 26, 2019 04:55PM)
Bump. Still looking!
Message: Posted by: Ross W (Mar 26, 2019 05:01PM)
I should add: thank you for these replies which I somehow missed. Sorry! Ive got a huge stiff pair that I bought from international magic in London and theyre kinda ok but clunky. Id like something lighter but it may not exist.