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Topic: Interactive Suggestions
Message: Posted by: Christopher (Nov 7, 2017 02:17PM)
Hey friends, my producer wants a new show every year for our theater, and after 13 years, it's becoming more and more difficult to find a suitable routine for 2018. The requirements are that the routine is interactive with one audience member, 10 minutes max, and ultra clean. I'm very much a fan of finding a method and then reworking the entire presentation for my characters. I very rarely even watch any included performances with routines I purchase. Every year I scour my collection of books and periodicals trying to find an idea I can rework to fit my personality. I've used a few commercially purchased routines such as Ropes over the head, Cody Fishers Egg Routine, Sheer Luck, as well as my own bill to fruit, card to pocket, etc. While I'm continuing to research past material, I'm curious if anything was released in the last year that may fit the bill. I don't get to go to magic conventions anymore, due to scheduling, so I often miss out on the latest and greatest releases. I would appreciate any suggestions.
Message: Posted by: Wravyn (Feb 12, 2018 05:02PM)
I noticed that you have not had any responses. Have you had any luck?
Your parameters of “one audience member”; can you use two? Does it need to be something that’s ‘latest and greatest’?
Not knowing your performing persona or style does make it difficult, though posting in this thread, you are looking for something with laughter. Also, not knowing what you have done in the past, ideas or thoughts may just be redundant since you have used the effect.
Yet, a couple of thoughts for you to ponder if you haven’t used them...
1) If you can use two audience members... Incredible Suit Jacket Escape by Anthony Lindan and Bill Abbott. (Not sure if it is available anymore)
2) Harry Anderson’s Cufflinks