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Topic: Alcatraz Handcuffs
Message: Posted by: Cliffg37 (Nov 13, 2017 03:39PM)
Here is a chuckle for some of you.

I was up in San Francisco for Veteran's day weekend. In a tourist trap gift shop, I saw a product called Alcatraz handcuffs. One of the boxes was open so I looked inside. I expected to see an ordinary pair of cuffs with the name stamped on them or some such. This was not the case though.

What was inside was not stamped or labeled in any way. It was simply a pair of metal "toy" cuffs. The kind that has a release lever on the side. Technically not toys, but that is what the New York City Police call them. The souvenir value I suppose rested in the box that showed a photo of Alcatraz island as well as a photo of real looking handcuffs.

Anybody know when the release lever came into being? I am guessing it may have been after a law suit involving a kid chaining up his sister or a parent or something. The pair I had of these in the 70's had no such lever, but were ridiculously easy to pick.
Message: Posted by: Moxahalla (Nov 14, 2017 03:51PM)
My local supermarket (and probably every toy store in the world) sells such toy "safety release" handcuffs (Known to collectors as a "Takeda" style Japanese handcuff)......My guess is that lawsuits have nothing to do with it......the "safety lever" simply being there in case some fool kid loses the key when he locks up his sister.