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Topic: Borrow/Rent Doves
Message: Posted by: Maro Anglero (Nov 15, 2017 08:13PM)
I may have a gig in February 2018 in Vegas. Don't really want to travel with my doves and heard many issue with airline travel.

Any Vegas magician that can help me with two doves for a day? Would greatly appreciate it.


Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Nov 18, 2017 01:59PM)
If you just watched the Magic Summit lecture series this last week, then mailing them through the USPS is the best and least expensive way to ship your birds. In any case, see the local post office for the requirements, and there will be Vet bills as well, so contact a Vet who knows about birds and requirement for traveling.

You will also have to pay the person that lends you the birds, if you find one, and I a sure there are enough magicians in Vegas that could help you. I don't believe any of them are on the Café, though.

I don't know anyone in Vegas, so the 1st step I would take, is contact Jeff McBride's school, and Tony Clark to see if they can pass along a source for you.
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Nov 19, 2017 06:46AM)
I haven't shipped doves in a little while but the cost used to be around $25 for up to 6 birds. There are no vet requirements but you do need special livestock boxes available from feed and grain stores and on line. You just put the birds in the box, seal it up and take it to the post office. They ship overnight and it's not expensive. If you go this route, be sure to put some cushioning material like wood chips used for rabbit and hamster cages and put a small water dish taped to the inside of the box. Put a small sponge in the dish and fill will water just before going to the post office.

You could also try contacting Criss Moss (tropicalillusions) here on the café. He lives in Oklahoma but may be able to give you some sources in LV.
Message: Posted by: Maro Anglero (Nov 21, 2017 03:51PM)
Thank you Bill Hegbli for the information. Dave Scribner thanks, I'll try to contact Criss Moss.
Message: Posted by: Regan (Jan 7, 2018 12:40PM)
I have been looking for some doves for a while. It seems they are impossible to find in mu area. I had 5 at one time but 6-7 years ago that number started slowly declining. It seems I was losing one about every 12-24 months, and now I am down to my last dove. I may try to check with Chris.

Thanks guys.