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Topic: Long time listner, first time caller
Message: Posted by: Toddolini (Nov 21, 2017 03:52PM)
I have had an interest in magic (and juggling) for many years. I have had a small repertoire of tricks that I have used in social settings over the years.

Now, I am interested in making a career of magic, so that I will have something to do well into my eighties (hopefully).
Message: Posted by: Mary Mowder (Nov 21, 2017 03:58PM)
Welcome Toddolini,

I have a similar interest in Magic and Juggling. It seems to be holding in good stead into my 60s so far (so good).

Think long and hard about making Magic your living. There is a lot of pressure and it does change how you view your Magic.

Best of luck which ever way you decide.

-Mary Mowder