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Topic: Deans Box Refills?
Message: Posted by: Bryan Gilles (Nov 22, 2017 12:55PM)
Does anyone know where you can purchase replacement curtains, ropes, rings for the Deans Box? I know Hocus Pocus use to carry then; however, I don't see them on their site anymore.
Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Nov 22, 2017 01:29PM)
Mike <mbarry@socal.rr.com> he should help you
Message: Posted by: rosariorose9 (Feb 11, 2021 03:58PM)
Well, the person 'linked' for replacement curtains did not respond to my email, so I went ahead and used the spandex fabric I had purchased on Amazon. Since I had somewhat compromised the wooden slats that hold the curtains in place, when removing them, I substituted over sized tongue depressors which I cut to size and painted black. Rather than using the original 'pins' to secure the slats to the box, I used small pan head wooden screws, which will make any future curtain replacement much easier. Hope this helps anyone who may decide to tackle this job.
Message: Posted by: rosariorose9 (Feb 19, 2021 06:15PM)
Had the opportunity to speak with Norm Nielsen's widow, Lupe, who confirmed that Nielsen Magic (which owns the rights to Dean's Box) will be producing more of the boxes, along with selling replacement curtains, later this year.
Message: Posted by: rosariorose9 (Feb 27, 2021 08:52PM)
Did finally receive (with his apology for the late response) an email from the gentleman who the late Pete Biro suggested as a possible source for replacement curtains. Very pleased to say that he does have the curtains. I ordered two sets, and received them two days later. They are perfect. My Dean's Box is, I believe, the first version, with red curtains (and gold dots). These curtains are black with silver dots (so I guess that makes them 2.0 curtains?).