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Topic: REVIEW: Vanishing Sharpie by Sans Minds
Message: Posted by: StraightTalkMagicReviews (Nov 23, 2017 11:04AM)
REVIEW: Vanishing Sharpie by Sans Minds
RATING: 8 out of 10
LINK TO REVIEW: http://straighttalkmagicreviews.com/vanishingsharpie/
FULL REVIEW: Vanishing Sharpie is SansMinds version of the Vanishing Pen, but in a Sharpie shell. This prop is excellently made and you will not be able to detect a thing even if you know the secret.

Basically, you place an uncapped Sharpie marker inside a folded napkin that is being held by the spectator. As the Sharpie marker rests in the napkins, with both ends protruding from the napkin, you, as the performer, put your hands around the Sharpie and crush it and the napkin into a little ball. It would be impossible for any Sharpie to be hidden inside such a small ball. Then you direct your spectators to your back pocket and they remove an uncapped Sharpie.

The trick is fast and direct and fooling. With your $55 purchase, which I think is a bit expensive, you get the prop which is excellently made – it could not be better. You also get a 24 minute instructional DVD which is well produced. The instruction is easy to follow and the trick is easy to perform. It may take a few minutes of practice before you perform this, but really that is about it. There are some angles which may require your audience members to be more in front of you than in back of you despite SansMinds’s claim that the performance angels are 360 degrees. The reset takes about 2 second and is simple.

There is a chance that some spectators will want to inspect where you are dirty, but with some basic audience management you should be able to misdirect the spectators easily. Another potential downside is that you may inadvertently write on your clothing with Sharpie ink if you perform the routine as presented.

Overall, there is a quick and fun trick with the omnipresent Sharpie. I like it!