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Topic: Magic Smart Guillotine
Message: Posted by: radamwarner (Dec 1, 2017 02:50PM)
Hello Everyone
Is the "Magic Smart Guillotine" an effect being offered in addition to the four being released in December? It appears to be a well built device. Anyone have an opinion of this trick?
Message: Posted by: the Sponge (Dec 1, 2017 07:43PM)
Looks really good. The clip is weird though.
Message: Posted by: meridianfan (Dec 2, 2017 08:26AM)
Agree, this looks really cool. Maybe the best one this year?
Message: Posted by: simcoscor (Dec 2, 2017 09:28PM)
Maybe the best one in years?
Message: Posted by: papawemba (Dec 4, 2017 06:58AM)
Looks great but the handling of the black thing at the beginning is weird
Message: Posted by: Richard Kaufman (Dec 9, 2017 11:30AM)
I've watched a clip of Billy doing it and it looks intriguing.
Message: Posted by: papawemba (Dec 13, 2017 06:38AM)
It kind of remind me of Lubor Fiedler :-)
The killer part is when the guillotine is shown all around !
Message: Posted by: Richard Kaufman (Dec 13, 2017 11:26AM)
New video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hsCsPZZNpI
Message: Posted by: Richard Kaufman (Dec 13, 2017 11:27AM)
And here is the Dowsing Rods: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaM5wPTfC-w
Message: Posted by: Mr.P (Dec 26, 2017 11:43AM)
At last a great tenyo Trick, methods great , took a while to figure it out ,
Message: Posted by: Moxahalla (Dec 31, 2017 12:12AM)

btw: The "EFFECT" is that of the Wellington "See-Through-Guillotine" (a "solid square plate", not a "sword" or "knife blade" -- penetrates a finger, within "see-through" stocks.

You sure can't beat the price.
Message: Posted by: emyers99 (Jan 1, 2018 12:39AM)
I have it. Very fun to play with and it is a real fooler. Problem is that the blade begs to be examined and it canít be. The clip makes zero sense. Itís not really needed but without it, you need to keep a secure grip on the blade. You also canít show the blade from behind. So as cool as this is, itís more to play with than to perform.
Message: Posted by: Richard Kaufman (Jan 1, 2018 05:07PM)
You can perform it, but it requires good presentation and spectator management. You can't feel any guilt about the blade ... if you do, the spectator will want to examine it.
Message: Posted by: Bondi (Jan 2, 2018 11:21AM)
What a great effect for the price,very clever,with good audience management I wouldn't worry about the blade.
Message: Posted by: daviddelrey (Jan 13, 2018 07:41PM)
Does look interesting though,....
Message: Posted by: Bondi (Jan 14, 2018 10:21AM)
If you like the effect, get it you won't be disappointed.
Message: Posted by: daddy_bone (Jan 14, 2018 10:46AM)
Just grabbed off eBay. Stoked!
Message: Posted by: Nicolino (Jan 20, 2018 01:42AM)
Can't believe this is only 9,- bucks!! Crazy!
Message: Posted by: manolo (Jan 20, 2018 11:23AM)
Very good and cheap
Message: Posted by: psychod (Jan 20, 2018 11:36AM)
I picked this up when I was in NYC and just wanted to have another addition to my Tenyo collection. With it being inexpensive, I really wasn't expecting much. The first time I did it as I was just running through it, I was actually pretty surprised about how cool the effect was. Having now gotten all 6 of this year's releases, I'd have to say that I think that this was a pretty good year for Tenyo.

Message: Posted by: mandrax (Jan 31, 2018 07:20PM)
This is an amazing illusion and so cheap for what you get. I did it to myself 10 times and was amazed 10 times. Highly recommended!
Message: Posted by: MeetMagicMike (Jun 29, 2019 03:30PM)
I just picked this up. I can see the line on the blade. In other words the upper part of the bladde seems like a lighter shade of black than the lower side. Has anyone else had this problem?