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Topic: Best ITR
Message: Posted by: wyptaj (Dec 8, 2017 03:13PM)
Hi All,
I was wondering whats the best ITR, as I've tried a few but always been left a little disappointed.
I have Invisible by Damien Savina, but I am worried about the thread breaking when trying to do it !
I have tried BOSS ITR, Steve Fearsons Master levitation system, but for me that was great to make things rise, but not to do the kind of tricks I would like to do with a finger ring.
I've had a Tarantula v1 but again wasn't overly enthused about it....mmaybe I'm just a stickler but I dod like the old ITR that was about the size of a pen ! and it was easy to use and suck the thread out. However some of the latest itr's break quite easily or are a pain to rethread when the thread gets stuck inside.
Has anyone has great success with a particular brand ?
Many thanks in advance.
Message: Posted by: theocreswell (Dec 8, 2017 05:38PM)

I have heard many great things about the Legacy IT found at http://subdividedstudios.bigcartel.com they give you really good bang for your buck quantity wise.
They have good quality and recommend purchasing the LEK (Legacy emergency kit) or the Trinity System. Really good tying systems.

Also I believe Silkworm is really good although they may not be selling that anymore. (Don't take my word for this I'm not sure)

If you are however talking about routines, there is a post in this section, just below your post about exactly that topic that I recommend looking at. (or the search bar- most of the questions I have I can find an answer to with a little digging)

Hope this is helpful
Message: Posted by: theocreswell (Dec 8, 2017 05:40PM)
I feel how good an ITR is depends on the thread but If you're going for and electric ITR then Spider Pen Pro

But I'm really into Venom which is mechanical- worth reading reviews on this site and others. Quality product.
Message: Posted by: jimhlou (Dec 12, 2017 06:49PM)
I've had them all, and some several times. I'm on my third spider pen. My recommendation: Buy an alpha reel. I have a small one I've used for about 5 years without replacing. The secret is in the way it's made - the thread is accessible from the outside and is not stuck inside a plastic tube. When the thread breaks, you simply grab the end of the thread and poke it through a small hole and you're back in business. The Alpha reel is the only reel I've used on a continuous basis.
Message: Posted by: vitorrd (Dec 16, 2017 06:38AM)
It sort of depends on the effect you're trying to achieve. A mechanical ITR won't be able to do the same as an electric one. That being said, I have two Venom and love them.
Message: Posted by: wyptaj (Jan 3, 2018 01:39PM)
Thank you all for your help and assistance. I will be going through your suggestions and see which one works best for me.
Thanks again.
Message: Posted by: wyptaj (Jan 10, 2018 04:43AM)
I've had a look at your suggestions and I love the idea of Venom, so going to invest in one ! Thank you again for all your help, like the trailer for Venom I have been looking for an ITR that won't break, easy to reset and you can do a wide variety of tricks with.
Message: Posted by: A Magic Cafe User (Feb 21, 2019 06:44PM)
Any suggestions for an ITR that is suitable for a beginner. I have a tight budget of about $25 or so. I just discovered the world of ITR's and like, so what would be a good starting place?

Thanks in advance,
-A Magic Café User

Message: Posted by: rriggs (Feb 26, 2019 12:06PM)
I like the Titan itr from Sorcery. Small for close up. Contains Vectra thread so doesn't break so easy.
Message: Posted by: A Magic Cafe User (Feb 26, 2019 05:57PM)
[quote]On Feb 26, 2019, rriggs wrote:
I like the Titan itr from Sorcery. Small for close up. Contains Vectra thread so doesn't break so easy. [/quote]

[url=http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/10496]The Titan ITR (Alpha Size)[/url] seems to be good, however any suggestions for a [b]cheaper[/b] ITR that works relatively well?

Message: Posted by: MateosSpain (Aug 13, 2019 07:00PM)
In therms of price : I-Boss
For practical purposes in the sense of "what if the I.T. breaks" : Venom
I say that because I put Tarantula in another category ( Electric ITR )