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Topic: Need help in identifying a D.Blaine trick
Message: Posted by: thrillpillz (Apr 18, 2004 08:35AM)
There is a trick in the "streetmagic" special by David Blaine where he gives a card to the police officer - and apparently this is the same card the officer is thinking of as well - [b]9 of Diamonds[/b]. Does anyone know how he did this or what effect he used for this?
Message: Posted by: kinesis (Apr 18, 2004 09:16AM)
I'm not really a card man, but I think it's called the "Damn Good Editing" trick. :)
Message: Posted by: Christian Z. (Apr 18, 2004 12:32PM)
Yea, BLaine is one of my favorites but he uses the camera to his advantage,(but hey who wouldn't) so he just edited the rest of the trick out so it made it seem like he knew it thru pure mentalism.
Message: Posted by: Caspar (Apr 18, 2004 12:54PM)
Blaine actually included this in his book "Mysterious Stranger" which is now available as a paperback. The effect relies upon a little psychology and a little luck.

The Invisible Deck is probably a better alternative as it is a 100% all of the time.
Message: Posted by: thrillpillz (Apr 18, 2004 08:11PM)
Aah thanks guys, I was so baffled when I saw this trick!
anyway thanks for your input, I might head out to the bookshop and see if I can get a copy of his book today.
Message: Posted by: Jordini (Apr 18, 2004 08:16PM)
On 2004-04-18 13:54, Caspar wrote:
Blaine actually included this in his book "Mysterious Stranger" which is now available as a paperback. The effect relies upon a little psychology and a little luck.

Er.....no. I'm sorry but Mysterious Stranger has a LOT of lies in it. It's intended for his fans which will read it and not go "oh gee THAT"S how he did it" but will think "WOW HE'S AMAZING" This was basically either a force or a glimpsed card trick. You can tell the edited effects because they're about 5 seconds long, such as "So you're thinking of a card.....jack of clubs" These all involve previously picking a card. I wish I could have MY shows edited in realtime. I'd be amazing.
Message: Posted by: Caspar (Apr 18, 2004 09:40PM)
Just curious, have you read or own the book. To tell you the truth I don't much like the method for the reasons I mentioned. What is detailed in his book is "possible" but it is not 100%, but the presentation of the effect is nice if you can nail it.

The effect does not use a glimpse but does use a force....sort of.

Also, what are the lies you mentioned? I ask this not to challenge you but to be aware of any false information.
Message: Posted by: Jordini (Apr 18, 2004 11:53PM)
I own the first hardback edition of the book (it was given to me as a gift when it first came out) and I have read and reread it. He talks about the cab w/ DAWN written on it. C'MON!!! The chances of that ACTUALLY happening on camera are worse than 1 in 1,000,000,000,000,000. I've been to New York and Hong Kong, where the car to cab ratio is like 1 car for ever 40 cabs (maybe not, but there's a lot of cabs) and I have not seen ONE SINGLE cab w/ anything spray painted on the side. Let me put it this way, he would have had better luck nailing the trick "Think of a number between one and a million. 942" In fact, the odds of him nailing that trick would be remarkably better than chancing on a cab driving by w/ the name that someone was thinking of on the right side, just as he told the spectator to look at a different truck. I have many methods for how it could be done, none of which I intend to say at the moment, but let's just say editing and center tear. I do not know his exact method, but it's NOT what he claims it is in the book.
Message: Posted by: NFox (Apr 19, 2004 12:34AM)
And let's not forget that we are all just paid liars. Well at least that's the way Penn Jillette (sp?) feels. And you know what I am starting to agree. Just becuase Blaine [i]says[/i] he can levitate doesn't mean he can actually do it, and just becuase he [i]says[/i] that that's how he did a trick doesn't mean it is. Do you follow? It's simple: most of us lie [in our acts], but on a sub-conscious/semi-conscious level our audience realizes this. What the best performers in the world do is make all semi-conscious doubts disappear, leaving the lay-people with only the slightlest inkling that what they did can't happen. David Blaine, although he is not the greatest magician, he is a spectacular performer. This is the reason that so many people believe what he writes in the book (becuase even his book performs). I hope this doesn't sound to angry...becuase I have been ranting on this subject a lot with my friends (meaning I could write a book about this). So instead of continuing on, I will leave you with what I have already said to contemplate.

Nick Fox
Message: Posted by: Caspar (Apr 19, 2004 12:59AM)
Thanks for you response Jordini.
Message: Posted by: Jordini (Apr 19, 2004 02:31AM)
No prob Caspar. I thought I was going to have to prepare for a heated debate, but I guess not. :) I agree w/ Nick. And a message to you nick, I know that when you write it sounds angry because that's how you wrote it. I was afraid that my previous post was angry, but I don't think that others who read it percieve it that way. Your post didn't sound angry in the least. I think a main reason why many magi don't like David Blaine, is because he's a really good actor. We can all do better tricks than him, I'm sure of it, but he can REALLY make people believe, which is what most of us strive for isn't it? That's the whole purpose of magic, is to make people believe they're seeing something out of the ordinary and bordering on miracles and the supernatural. I think deep down, we're all just jealous because we could most likely score Blaine in a battle of pure physical talent/technique/sleigt of hand, but he's making millions of dollars sitting in a box and we're wondering where our next 40 bucks is gonna come from for the latest magic effect or book. Or maybe I'm just crazy. :P
Message: Posted by: thrillpillz (Apr 19, 2004 06:32AM)
I totally agree with your Jordini... I purchased a copy of the book today and have finished reading it too (must have been the fastest I've ever read something!) - although I'd like to believe David Blaine for his co-incidence tricks (or whatever he likes to call them) - they obviously come as a pathetic lie to someone like me, who has previous knowledge in magic.

Its really pathetic that in a book where he 'TELLS ALL' (thats what is written at the back), he is misleading again. I was speaking to a girl who worked at the bookstore and was quite surprised at what she had to say about David Blaine - lol - she knows about most tricks that we do, however she is 100% sure that David Blaine has some sort of supernatural abilities! I asked her why she thought that and guess which trick she mentioned? - The one where he levitates about a foot off the ground. David hasnt mentioned ANYTHING about a crane lifting him up and how they carefully edited that part to fit it in with the reactions of the spectators. isn't the book supposed to 'TELL ALL'? He's a cheat.

Dont get me wrong, we all try to mislead people when we are doing tricks, but definitely out of the magic world, it is both morally and ethically wrong.

Why do so many magicians have respect for such a talented liar and cheater?
Message: Posted by: Alex Linian (Apr 19, 2004 03:40PM)
Could we stop the "How did David Blaine do this..." posts ? They get really annoying. Read a book and develop your own method.
I know that sounds kind of rude and it's not my intention to offend anybody; It's just that it feels as if this forum was created for the exposure of secrets rather than to help fellow magicians.

Just my opinion.
Message: Posted by: NFox (Apr 19, 2004 05:14PM)
For all of those trying to get people to believe that what we do is magical, just remember to be real (even if you play a role, play it with realism). The other thing is to make a personal connection on some level. I know that I do both of these things and the stunned looks of wonder and excitement tell me that I am doing it right. When Blaine came out all people were acustomed to were the big flashy stage guys, but here comes a guy who walks up to his spectators individually and performs (what they believe to be) miracles. [i]He made it personal[/i] at a time when all magic was distant and cold (for the most part). I just feel that he came along at just the right moment, and had enough brains to capitalize on that. We are never going to see a Blaine, just like we will never see another Houdini or even Copperfield. Why? Becuase they were all different, and they all made a personal connection in their own way. Many magicians never make it big, but those who do (no matter how horrible they are at magic) deserve our respect for being great performers.

Nick Fox

PS: Why is it that no one has even mentioned Blaine's greatest trick: Getting people to call strolling magic performed on the streets, Street Magic. Street magic was originally meant to be used for those guys you would see on street corners in NY with their box of "materials" performing a mixture of parlor magic and juggling (usually with fire). It takes real magic to cause all magicians around the world to change how they refer to these two styles of magic, and hardly bat an eye.
Message: Posted by: Reis O'Brien (Apr 19, 2004 10:09PM)
On 2004-04-19 16:40, al_magicdude wrote:
Could we stop the "How did David Blaine do this..." posts ? They get really annoying. Read a book and develop your own method.
I know that sounds kind of rude and it's not my intention to offend anybody; It's just that it feels as if this forum was created for the exposure of secrets rather than to help fellow magicians.

Just my opinion.

Couldn't have said it better, myself. I appreciate what Blaine has done for magic, but it's starting to become this cliche, pre-proccessed, homoginized by-product of what magic is really supposed to be about.

Hey, young guys! Quit trying to be like Blaine! Be yourself! I beg of you, as a fellow of the craft!

I saw a "Street Magic" kit in Toys-R-Us the other day. It came with a backpack. Good lord, what is happening to us?
Message: Posted by: the levitator (Apr 19, 2004 11:12PM)
Hey, I went to Toys R Us today andI couldn't find the Street Magic Kit. They must not have made their way into Wisconsin yet Firedice. Hey, if I slip ya some cash, do you ya think you could pick one up for me?


I feel a little queasy now!!! Time for a happy pill to make the scary images go away!!

PS: I like the new Avatar Firedice!! I only live a couple hours from Chicago. Let me know if you have a show, I'd like to check it out!
Message: Posted by: Peter Loughran (Apr 19, 2004 11:18PM)
Well to be honest, I was approached by a few toy manufacturing companies who wanted to mass market the Elevator to the public and make cheap immitations of it and throw it in toy stores and novelty stores world wide.

Ummm...I don't think so!
Message: Posted by: Reis O'Brien (Apr 20, 2004 11:33AM)
Peter, good for you for not going in that direction! Thank you for helping to keep a little dignity in this art!
Message: Posted by: daffydoug (Apr 23, 2004 09:36PM)
Peter, let's just hope they don't try to do what they did to the "tap light" that we used to see on infomercials.

First, one company came out with the tap light and patented it, of course. Then another one comes along and says "Hey! Let's make some money!" Let's see this thing is patented, BUT we'll get around that by making our OWN version. Let's see now. Hmmmm. I know! The tap light is round, BUT if we make one that is octagonal shape, then, guess what? We have a NEW invention! Let's give it an original name. Let's see. Tap light is allready taken, so we'll call it the "PUSH light!" Yeah! That will work! Different shape, different name, hey we are original aren't we! Let's go out and get OUR original invention PATENTED so no one can STEAL our intellectual property rights. Hey, wer'e in business guys! Let's start the infomercial!

Then someone else comes along and changes the color of the light, and after that someone else comes along and makes one that requires a different battery size, and after that someone else comes along and makes one that uses two little bulbs instead of one, and so on and so forth, and before you know it, I am walking in Wall Mart, and I see one of these original rip offs on the grab rack at the incredibly low price of two for three bucks. And emblazoned on the package are the famous words: "COMPARABLE to as seen on TV." Only thing is, the one I first saw on TV three years ago was twenty bucks plus S+H!

And this folks, is a mini lesson in how the rip- off business works, as I see it.

So Peter, as I was saying, even though they can't sell your elevator, there is always the possibility of alteration so they can call it there "own" invention.

Let us hope and pray, though, that it never happens. Because I love my elevator.