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Topic: Video Review: Sins Playing Cards - Thirdway Industries
Message: Posted by: DavidKenney (Dec 21, 2017 07:30AM)
Video review:


There are three SINS decks in the series: SINS Mentis is based on the Sins who influence thought, SINS Corpus on the Sins who influence the body.

SINS's story is inspired by the Original Sin and the Seven Deadly sins. SINS Playing Cards are highly detailed, and are full of hidden meanings and symbiology. The three decks also represent the philosophy behind the name Thirdway Industries: thesis, antithesis, synthesis. The courts represent the seven deadly sins: In SINS Mentis, there is Greed (Diamonds), Envy (Clubs), Pride (Spades) and Lust (Hearts). In SINS Corpus, there is Wrath (Diamonds), Gluttony (Clubs), Sloth (Spades) and Lust (Hearts).

The first deck of the SINS Series
Limited Edition, just 3000 decks made
55 cards, including an Extra Prometheus Joker
Gold and Green foil on dark green stock
Inner foil
Printed by EPCC

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