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Topic: Daryl Videos-Which One?
Message: Posted by: mrmagik68 (Dec 21, 2017 10:03AM)
Happy Holidays everyone!
I'm an avid fan of card magic with an intermediate level of sleight of hand skills. I'm looking to purchase a full set of either Dary's Encyclopedia of Card Sleights or Daryl's Card Revelations but I'd like to pose this question to you all, which set do you think I will get the most value from? Many thanks!

Message: Posted by: Ray Haining (Dec 21, 2017 04:13PM)
Encyclopedia of Card Sleights. Amazing collection.
Message: Posted by: Agathon (Dec 24, 2017 12:29PM)
If you are on the L&L mailing list they are having their annual $10 a disc sale. You may want to take advantage of it.
Message: Posted by: spellcrafter (Dec 24, 2017 11:57PM)
Despite the adage of -If you know 50 ways to find a selected card but only one way to reveal it, you only know one trick-, I have to say that I have gotten more from my Encyclopedia of Card Sleights than I could have ever imagined. I will almost assuredly never master everything, but I have enjoyed challenging myself to learn as much as I can from the set. I would also say that whichever set you decide on, try to acquire the other as soon as you may. Neither set will disappoint.
Message: Posted by: motown (Jan 12, 2018 08:10PM)
Fooler Doolers is a nice set. A lot of variety.
Message: Posted by: warren (Jan 16, 2018 12:11PM)
If it has Daryl's name on it you can't go wrong :)
Message: Posted by: Steven Leung (Feb 4, 2018 08:44PM)
The Ambitious Card DVD by the late Daryl Martinez still one of the best DVD on the topic despite it released over 15 years ago.

Plus he explained his FISM act and many other moves to make your own Ambitious card routine.

Here is the FISM act performance:


The Late Daryl will be sorely missed.