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Topic: Warped Bikes
Message: Posted by: James Warren (Jan 1, 2018 07:47PM)
I ordered a few dozen Richard Turner Gold Seal decks in the summer of 2016, and most of them warped after not much usage. I thought maybe it was because they had sat in the mailbox for a day during one of the hottest summer days we had that year; but after I went through them all I ordered another batch and had the same problem. Months later after going through those, I ordered a bunch of regular Bicycles which just arrived the other day, and by God if the first pack I opened didn't warp within 10 minutes of usage. I've lived in upstate New York for 11 years now, and although I've had decks warp on me over the years, I've never experienced anything like this wholesale warpage during the last year and a half or two years. It is so demoralizing -- takes away the pleasure of doing card work. Has anyone else experienced a tendency for Bicycles to warp lately more than in previous years?

I know there are methods (refrigerator, etc.) that people advocate, but I am skeptical about them -- wouldn't the deck just warp again ten minutes after you take them out of their box?

Maybe I just have to give up Bicycles. In your experience, are there other decks (Phoenix, etc.) that I should switch to that do not easily warp? Thanks.