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Topic: Removing ink from cards
Message: Posted by: Nottingham Magician (Jan 8, 2018 03:57AM)
I couldn't find the answer to this but what is the best way to remove ink (pips) from playing cards without leaving a smudgy mess on the card? Thanks in advance
Message: Posted by: curtisG (Jan 8, 2018 05:42AM)
I have used acetone with some pretty good results
Message: Posted by: Tom Fenton (Jan 12, 2018 11:21AM)
Very fine wire wool works.
Message: Posted by: blamobox (Jan 14, 2018 04:53PM)
I've never tried it but I'm sure I've read somewhere that nail varnish remover works.
Message: Posted by: manolo (Jan 21, 2018 04:16PM)
Acetone is very good
Message: Posted by: ferrissteve (Sep 18, 2018 06:16PM)
Have you tried a pencil eraser ? I seem to recall having that work in the past.
Message: Posted by: keilunmagic (Oct 19, 2018 05:52AM)
Try a blender pen - I use the Winsor&Newton Promarker line. BTW the Ruby Red matches perfectly the Red bikes - you get blender and the red in the 12 set n.1
Message: Posted by: gismo (Oct 24, 2018 09:33PM)
I don't think there is a method that is good enough. Why?
You always destroy the bubble coating of the cards, because
the ink is underneath.
There are some manufaktors like Card Shark they can print
individual cards.
Message: Posted by: KokoB (Nov 6, 2018 09:18AM)
I am not a fan of erasing pips or using acetone to remove anything off cards.. I say go buy a pack of blank faces n use it that way or if you are trying to make gaffs there are people like Gary Plants who will do amazing work on cards.
Message: Posted by: rrwagg (Feb 26, 2021 04:47PM)
Axe deodorant body spray. Stinks like hell but it really works. Not my idea, I saw it on a review, sorry can't remember the name.
Anwyay, fold a couple of paper towels into the size of a cigarette back. Spray one of the corners liberally...about 6 seconds of spray....then rub hard on the pip you want to
get rid of. After that there will be a little ink left....respary a clean portion of your paper towel for a few seconds and repeat. When the card dries, it looks pretty *** good.
I've ruined a few cards but most came out excellent.