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Topic: Learn Hypnosis in 5 Days.
Message: Posted by: Senor Fabuloso (Jan 22, 2018 02:44PM)
That's the claim they make on this site https://www.hypnosisdownloads.com/learn-hypnosis What do you think?
Message: Posted by: Mindpro (Jan 22, 2018 03:37PM)
This is very misleading. It's like saying I could take a 15-year-old kid to a huge empty parking lot and in an hour or two could show them how to drive, park, and enough so that they could actually drive an automobile. Does that mean they are properly trained? Would you want to be in the car with them if they were to go out on the road or an interstate on their own? Would you want them to be on the road while you and your loved ones were driving? Do you honestly think they are really a "trained driver"? No, of course not.

Same here with hypnosis. Could you learn the basics and mechanics in 5 days? Sure, you could and you would be just like the 15-year-old in the car. Does it that make them a hypnotist? No, of course not.

Also, I have worked with and coached many hypnotherapists over the years, and as it pertains to performance hypnosis, which is what this forum and the conversations are all about, most of them know little or nothing about performing with hypnosis - two different things.

So sure, at a glance on a very simplistic surface level, the answer to your question would be one thing, but the reality completely another. ESPECIALLY learning from videos and not in-person training. I have found more times than not these types of "training" can do more damage than productive assistance.

The problem with this is there are guys that do this training, and falsely believe they are trained hypnotists, armed with all they need to know - and of course, come on here and make bold ridiculous claims.

Also, why is it so many of these "gurus" and hypnosis-made-easy "training experts" all have an English accent?
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Jan 22, 2018 03:43PM)
Give it a shot. Let us know how it turns out.
Message: Posted by: Senor Fabuloso (Jan 23, 2018 02:26AM)
[quote]On Jan 22, 2018, Dannydoyle wrote:
Give it a shot. Let us know how it turns out. [/quote]

I've actually been trained by the I.A.C.T. and am certified in hypnotherapy. While it's true that stage hypnosis and clinical hypnosis are two different animals they are both in the same zoo. Understanding human nature and the way people behave can only benefit the stage hypnotist in selecting participants and finding the most extroverted people willing to have fun. As far as the site is concerned I may do the free thing just to see how useful it is? Then come back and describe my experience with it.
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Jan 23, 2018 06:01AM)
What is I A C T?

Without looking at a guess it is something about clinical therapy.

Do you have any school beyond a clinical therapy certificate to do therapy? And what exactly is hypnotherapy anyhow?
Message: Posted by: Senor Fabuloso (Jan 23, 2018 09:54AM)
[quote]On Jan 23, 2018, Dannydoyle wrote:
What is I A C T?

International Association of Counselors and Therapists
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Jan 23, 2018 10:13AM)
And the school?
Message: Posted by: Senor Fabuloso (Jan 23, 2018 10:27AM)
Why do you ask?
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Jan 23, 2018 10:35AM)
Why do you answer questions with questions?

I am curious as ti what "certified in hypnotherapy" actually means?
Message: Posted by: Senor Fabuloso (Jan 23, 2018 10:59AM)
To be certified in hypnotherapy means that one has completed the required curriculum of the institution awarding the certificate to said individual in the area of certification in this case hypnotherapy.

For more information I refer you to this link https://www.hypnosisalliance.com/iact/
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Jan 23, 2018 11:48AM)
So no school?
Message: Posted by: Senor Fabuloso (Jan 23, 2018 12:19PM)
My schooling is my business and accomplishes nothing to answer your so called question. Have a good day.
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Jan 23, 2018 02:14PM)
It is not a so called question. It is asking what qualifications you have to do therapy other than this organization. I think It is a relevant question. One which you answered fabulously thank you.
Message: Posted by: kevinuncanny (Jan 23, 2018 06:31PM)
Man, do people get touchy when called on B.S. credentials.
Message: Posted by: Senor Fabuloso (Jan 24, 2018 02:26AM)
Given the lack of relevant commentary to my original post except by the always professional Mindpro I will no longer respond to this thread. Have a blessed and harmonious time.
Message: Posted by: mindmagic (Jan 24, 2018 03:24AM)
I'm a qualified hypnotherapist; my (initial) training took a year. In our first class, we were told that you can learn to hypnotise in a couple of hours, but learning therapy takes much longer. While this course may teach you how to hypnotise, it will certainly not be enough to make you a competent therapist. I've just retired after fifteen years in practice and I was still learning until the end (any reputable professional body will expect you to have further training every year - CPD - while you are in practice).

Message: Posted by: kevinuncanny (Jan 24, 2018 01:54PM)
What I like about that MindMagic is you where VERY straight forward about what and how you learned. That, in my opinion, is the best way to be.
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Jan 24, 2018 02:03PM)
It shows tremendous integrity.
Message: Posted by: NightSG (Jan 29, 2018 07:10AM)
[quote]On Jan 23, 2018, kevinuncanny wrote:
Man, do people get touchy when called on B.S. credentials. [/quote]

BS? IACT requires a whole $700, 16 hours of training and a Skype session. What more professional system could you ask for?

I mean, it's not like everybody has $3,500 and several months to spend on a HMI cert just to build their career.
Message: Posted by: WitchDocChris (Jan 29, 2018 09:24AM)
[quote]On Jan 29, 2018, NightSG wrote:
BS? IACT requires a whole $700, 16 hours of training and a Skype session. What more professional system could you ask for?

I mean, it's not like everybody has $3,500 and several months to spend on a HMI cert just to build their career. [/quote]

I'm sorry - I can't tell if this is serious or sarcasm?

16 hours is not a lot, particularly if one is claiming that as credentials for a therapist/counselor position.
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Jan 29, 2018 10:07AM)
Im hoping it was sarcasm.
Message: Posted by: kevinuncanny (Jan 29, 2018 04:37PM)
NightSG had the perfect response. I'm sure it was sarcasm but that is how people here feel about hypnosis.

Never mind that a good hypnosis course cost less then an illusion and you can do a full show with it. If it isn't cheap, easy and right now why bother. I mean, all we do is talk right?

This is why the No BS Convention and why after all of the bs I have had to deal with from that mindset I will never produce another one.
Message: Posted by: Mindpro (Jan 29, 2018 06:09PM)
[quote]On Jan 29, 2018, kevinuncanny wrote:
This is why the No BS Convention and why after all of the bs I have had to deal with from that mindset I will never produce another one. [/quote]

As a fellow producer I would like to hear more about this, whether here or by PM. Best of luck with the event!
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Jan 29, 2018 07:18PM)
Yea it is sad that it will not be produced again. Darn sad for the future of the art.
Message: Posted by: kevinuncanny (Jan 29, 2018 10:09PM)
Mindpro--I'll send you a pm as well.

Here is my favorite example of why I'm not doing it anymore:
(these are actual things that I have encountered)
"I can't afford to attend the seminar, but will you help me finish writing my business coaching seminar?"
"So what if your wife has 2 theater degrees she's still a ****"
"I don't see why I have to prove I can do what I'm talking about."
"I'll just watch youtube videos"

While I could go on and on I won't. I will continue to keep teaching and mentoring my students. Offering guidance where I can. I won't be producing again because in the end the negativity isn't worth it to me.
Message: Posted by: WitchDocChris (Jan 30, 2018 07:58AM)
That's a shame. Sorry you had to deal with that, kevinuncanny.
Message: Posted by: Mindpro (Jan 30, 2018 08:30AM)
I appear at many of these types of events based on my background in the areas of entertainment business success, 2/4 Walling, and working with and understanding agents and agencies, press and media for entertainers, as well of course stage hypnosis, and I have found what Keven is saying is true in 95% of these events and not just in the hypnosis industry as I've done all kinds of other entertainment industry related events and conventions (comedians, DJs, magic, mentalism, etc.) and this "know-it-all" mindset of today's beginners and newbies is the worst I've ever seen.

I have been asked repeatedly to produce a decent industry event for mentalists and won't because of the same issues. I have found it easier just to bring my knowledge and experience to the stages of others events and consult them if asked. Chris is right, it really is a shame.
Message: Posted by: kevinuncanny (Jan 30, 2018 04:59PM)
Thanks Chris, I appreciate that.

Mindpro - I won't be appearing at other events. My reputation and show gets me invites to a lot of events but I'm not going to be around things in the industry I can't support.
ie: people teaching things they have no real world experience in
people teaching things are against direct medical guideline
people teaching others to be unsafe during a show

I feel like I would be a hypocrite if I supported anything like that
Message: Posted by: Djin (Jan 31, 2018 05:31AM)
It's a sign of the times. Having recently changed careers in the "day job" side of life, I've been exposed to more and different people in the last couple years than I had thought I might at my age. I don't want to turn down the road of generational bashing because it isn't just "millennials" with the "new and improved" attitude. We are seeing a broad societal shift in the way people view themselves and each other.
Message: Posted by: NightSG (Feb 2, 2018 11:19PM)
[quote]On Jan 29, 2018, kevinuncanny wrote:
NightSG had the perfect response. I'm sure it was sarcasm but that is how people here feel about hypnosis.[/quote]

Really, it depends on the total plan; if you're purely stage, then a few hours and 1-2 scripts may meet your needs for the foreseeable future. OTOH, every stage hypnotist I've met has had at least some interest in hypnotherapy, either as a sideline business, retirement option, or just because some of them have knack for working with people that don't necessarily respond well to - well, for lack of a better descriptor, marriage counselors with a 16 hour hypnotherapy class certificate to wring a little extra cash out of down time at the office.

IMO, even someone not planning to do any hypnotherapy beyond stop smoking sessions would be very well served by learning a lot more about psychology in general, and habit modification in particular, instead of picking the fastest, cheapest "learn hypnotherapy while you sleep or in your car or while you sleep in your car" course available and watching a couple YouTube videos about smoking cessation script writing while they're designing the business cards. At least enough to know when there's something they're going to need outside help with, rather than wasting the client's time and money on complete guesswork.
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Feb 2, 2018 11:59PM)
If you ever meet me you will see a guy with ZERO interest in hypnotherapy. None. Don't dabble in it because 99% of it is quackery. I won't be associated with it.

Mind you this is an OPINION and not a fact. The quackery part not the me not being interested part. You will never see the stop smoking stuff with my name on it ever. I make enough money with not having to hang out a fake shingle based on 16 entire hours of training.

Mind you my only psychology training comes from college coursework.
Message: Posted by: NightSG (Feb 3, 2018 01:01PM)
[quote]On Feb 2, 2018, Dannydoyle wrote:
If you ever meet me you will see a guy with ZERO interest in hypnotherapy. None. Don't dabble in it because 99% of it is quackery. I won't be associated with it.[/quote]

It's that 1% that I'd like to see get a meaningful boost, though. Sort of like chiropractic; every bone-cracker with a fancy storefront in a mall is promising to solve everything wrong with your body and soul by realigning your pinky toe joints, but then once in a while you find some guy in a middle-of-nowhere office who just says "I'm just here to make your back hurt a lot less. If that makes you happier, maybe you'll fix the other stuff for yourself." I want to see a lot more of that guy in both fields.

Instead, it seems like there are two extremes in hypnotherapy; you've got the whatever-sort-of-counselor with a cheap certificate just so they could add it to their services offered list, (Call them and listen for the keyboard noise as they Google for scripts when you ask them about common stuff.) or the "eliminate cancer with the power of your mind" guy that promises anything you're willing to pay for. (Bring your reading glasses; he's got so much fine print you'll have a migraine by the time you read half of it. "Your mind won't allow the energy to flow because your body isn't aligned. Let me refer you to a chiropractor.")

Don't get me wrong; IMO, the counselor isn't far from the right track, but it's like watching a mechanic who bought the cheapest diagnostic computer available and then only uses it as a last resort, plus has to read the manual every time. At the other end of that part of the spectrum is the pure hypnotherapy type that doesn't take the time to just have a conversation with the client and fully identify the problem. ("So you only chain smoke at the bar when you're nervous about talking to women?") The ideal should be somewhere in the middle, with active listening and hypnosis being roughly equal tools in getting to the desired outcome.

Have you given any thought to adding stage therapy, or maybe a dramatic spinal adjustment to your routine? :P
(No kidding, we used to have one on the highway out of town advertising party magician, fortune telling, life coaching and hypnotherapy from a house with a TransCamaroBird on blocks in the side yard. I kept waiting for them to add chiropractic to the sign, fix up the Winnebago out back and take their show on tour.)
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Feb 3, 2018 02:51PM)
Yea that about sums it up.
Message: Posted by: mindpunisher (Feb 7, 2018 11:38AM)
That does sum it up to a large degree. But there are skilled therapists out there too. Who can get results where traditional routes fail. And within those skilled therapists there are variants in the levels of skill. That is the problem. But Therapy and stage should never be mixed. I had a therapy/coaching practice off and on for 30 years. I have worked with large sales companies, government projects professional sports people all kinds of business people. I also did the stage full time for part of that time around 10 years. I never mixed the two. But I still think its a good thing to learn as much as you can about the subject and related skills. Apart from being interesting it does give someone an all round insight into the subject. Is it necessary to be a stage hypnotist? No you don't have to its up to the individual. I also trained with lots of people over the years. You can never stop learning. It just depends on what you want from it personally. I just have one of those obsessive minds that once I take something up I go in-depth. I believe it makes me a better hypnotist all round than I would've been otherwise.
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Feb 7, 2018 02:45PM)
Therapy and stage I also do not believe should ever be mixed. I don't think it is a natural extension at all. Just because I can entertain in no way makes me a qualified therapist.

And neither does the ability to lead one into trance. Also having a 16 hour course does not make one a qualified therapist.

Offering "cures" and behavior modification without actual study is crazy and should have laws against it. I think performers diminish themselves by dabbling in it when they are not qualified. Also the 99% who are the norm also similarly diminish themselves.
Message: Posted by: mindpunisher (Feb 7, 2018 06:04PM)
I never said it was a natural extension of stage hypnosis. I was saying hypnosis is a HUGE subject. I also never said offering "cures" with no study was viable. I said there are very skilled therapists/coaches/hypnotists out there among the crap. I also said extended study and interest in the subject as a whole and also training with many different people with good reputations is a desirable thing if you want to become a better "all round" hypnotist. Of course if all you want to be is a stage hypnotist you don't need to go beyond that. But to say ALL hypnotherapists or everybody who uses hypnosis in other applications are no good is simply not true. And perhaps someone who has never gone beyond stage hypnosis isn't really qualified to make that statement. Its also worth pointing out that many medical people will support and even give referrals to hypnotherapists and at the same time condemn stage hypnotists as quacks and dangerous. A lot of stage hypnotists would also fall into this category.Many medical doctors would say all stage hypnosis is dangerous and are quacks. I don't agree with that but its true. Many years ago I was on a news item defending stage hypnosis from exactly those attacks from the medical profession.
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Feb 7, 2018 06:39PM)
Less defensive. I never said you said anything. Find a qualified therapist dude.
Message: Posted by: mindpunisher (Feb 7, 2018 07:14PM)
When all you have is "find a qualified therapist" why bother? If you don't have anything constructive personally I would just say nothing. Being a stage hypnotist with no interest or study in therapy doesn't make you qualified to advise anyone about therapy. Like I said before many medical doctors would refer someone to a hypnotherapist while condemning stage hypnotists as quacks and dangerous. Would they be qualified enough to make that assessment? Going by your logic? When I was practicing as a therapist I had insurance for 5 million and doctor referral numbers for both the NHS and Bupa. That's the National Health service ran by the government and also Private health insurance. So doctors could refer their patients to me.
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Feb 7, 2018 07:21PM)
What are you babbling about? Be less defensive.

If I am not a doctor, but an attorney, am I qualified to file a medical malpractice suit?

You don't have to be a therapist to spot a quack. Sorry. But keep babbling on as if it is relevant.

People can say what they like. I am an entertainer and nothing more. Seems like a pretty straight forward claim.

If you are not a quack, but one of the 1% that is qualified then so be it let it go. Seriously why are you arguing?
Message: Posted by: mindpunisher (Feb 8, 2018 05:32AM)
Many medical doctors believe stage hypnotists are quacks and dangerous. Just because you are only an "entertainer" doesn't make you immune from those labels. Personal Injury Attorney's only deal with the legal aspect and totally rely on medical reports from highly qualified specialist doctors who also understand injury law because of the high risks involved going to court. I know this because I have had a personal injury attorney as a marketing client for five years now and help them find cases. I thought this was a discussion when did it become am argument?
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Feb 8, 2018 10:33AM)
Many stage hypnotists are quacks and Fanwood.
Message: Posted by: NightSG (Apr 19, 2018 08:53PM)
[quote]On Apr 10, 2018, Dannydoyle wrote:
Also far too many stage hypnotists attempt therapy. [/quote]

"...and whenever you feel the urge to smoke, your voice begins to change, until you can only quack like a duck..."
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Apr 19, 2018 10:26PM)
Ya know the script is not too far from that!