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Topic: Branded playing cards
Message: Posted by: Nottingham Magician (Jan 31, 2018 07:52AM)
Hiya Does anybody know or recommend any UK companies which can brand/customise the back of playing cards at a cheap or reasonable price. These don't have to be premium playing cards of course..

Thanks in advance

P.S Whilst talking of branding and although not playing card related: does anybody know any UK companies which sell branded magic tricks as giveaways for trade shows please.
Message: Posted by: rboyd (Feb 1, 2018 02:57AM)
I know a few general marketing companies that do custom printed card decks but they are expensive for what they are and quite low quality.

You could get custom card boxes made up and fill them with bikes. Would work out about 4-6 per pack which is about the same as custom printed marketing cards which feel cheap and handle badly.
Message: Posted by: rboyd (Feb 1, 2018 02:58AM)
*fill them. Apologies for the spelling, kindle autocorrect is rubbish.
Message: Posted by: Nottingham Magician (Feb 11, 2018 06:05AM)
Thanks for your reply - would you be abale to share them with me please? Thanks
Message: Posted by: EndersGame (May 4, 2020 09:09PM)
Take a look at Noir Arts Playing Card Company:


They are Europe based, and while they're actually located in Ukraine, they likely have good options for UK customers. I've covered more about them in an article here, and have a number of their decks:

[url=https://playingcarddecks.com/blogs/all-in/playing-card-manufacturer-noir-arts-npcc]Playing Card Manufacturer: Noir Arts (NPCC)[/url]