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Topic: Who has Magicol back issues?
Message: Posted by: Tudormagic (Feb 6, 2018 07:01PM)
I'm doing some research before building the illusion called Creo (or Vampire). Bev Bergeron wote in Linking Ring that Magicol magazine had a photo of a restoration of this effect by Herr Boelke. It was a 2002 issue. Does anybody have back issues and could look this up for me?

Thank you!
John Tudor
Message: Posted by: Jerry (Feb 9, 2018 07:42PM)



Message: Posted by: Jerry (Feb 9, 2018 08:17PM)
Is this it?

Message: Posted by: Tudormagic (Feb 11, 2018 08:57AM)
Thanks, I found it!
Message: Posted by: Tudormagic (Feb 19, 2018 08:47PM)
I should have said, yes, Jerry that is the effect in the Osbourne drawing. Also known as "Creo" which I like better.
Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Mar 1, 2018 08:08PM)
Landis Smith did the best version I ever saw done. The face of the doll just melted into a real person.