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Topic: Choreographing, blocking and directing your cast
Message: Posted by: griffindance (Feb 15, 2018 07:34AM)
To begin with I would like to point out "I know how to put a show together" Choreographically, dramaturgically and from the perspective of a magician. I have worked on many different shows and know how I work the best. However I am interested in the "work-flow" of those of us who came to stage performance strictly through magic.

Some questions I am interested in are :-

How do you cast your dancers/assistants if you don't know how to host a dancers audition?
How do you rehearse scenes when you are also the featured character?
Where do you begin choreographing if you are not a trained dancer?

Essentially how do you control your stage when you have to be in the scene as the featured character and how do you add elements for which you are not an expert...?

Just interested in "How the other half live."