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Topic: Mixed Perception - Cameron Franics (a Magic Portal review)
Message: Posted by: canaday (Mar 1, 2018 06:12AM)
Mixed Perception Cameron Francis

The Hype:
A killer, almost self-working small packet triumph with three incredible climaxes! Comes with 6 special gaff cards.

The spectator selects any six cards from the deck. The cards are removed and one selected.
The magician then flips three cards face up and clearly interlaces them between the other three face down cards. As he squares up the packet, the magician explains that there are three magical ways to distinguish the selection from the other five cards.

The magician gives the packet a twist and WITH NO FUNNY MOVES AT ALL, spreads the cards. All of the cards are now face down except the selection!
The magician then removes the selection and gives it a rub on his sleeve. The card is turned over and is now seen to have a different colored back!
As if that wasn't enough, the other five cards are turned over and they now have blank faces!
"Mixed Perception" is not only a shocking piece of magic but is almost completely self-working!

My Take:
What you get: Six gaffed cards nicely printed on good stock, a small booklet with the directions and a link to download the instructional video. One caveat here is that the printing is small so if you are older or visually impaired at all, stick to the video.

This was previously released on Cameron's Packet Mania DVD, Volume 1, but you had to supply your own special cards to do the routine. Since these are now included, it is no longer a problem.

Watch the video. What you see is exactly what you will see in your hands. The gaffed cards are very nicely printed and do the majority of the work for you. One thing I can't really figure out is that the gaffed are Rider-back Bicycles. I thought USPCC now refused to do gaffed cards with this back and they were all now Maiden backs. This is the first piece of magic you will see.

As noted, it is not entirely self working. The one move that might make you a little nervous is well taught and done on the off beat which covers it quite nicely. However, there is not an Elmsley or double lift to be seen.

One thing not mentioned is the fact that one of the cards can be replaced with a card from most any USPCC deck. If you have a back with a particular theme or just a back you really like, it can be used.

A simple routine to learn, easy to do and the magic is very visual. If you are an aficionado of packet tricks (or just like effects that you can learn and perform quickly), this would be a nice addition to your collection.