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Topic: I just re-shot the "Three Way Crossing" video
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Jul 11, 2002 09:07PM)
I just re-shot the video to make it look more like how I would do it for people (it is supposed to be done standing). It is still hard to mis-direct a camera, but I think the re-shoot shows the routine as it is supposed to look a little better than the old footage. Those who saw the old video, let me know if this looks better.

Message: Posted by: wert (Jul 12, 2002 01:14AM)
Yep, I like the new video better. You do that last steal sooooo smoothly it's almost spooky! :)
Message: Posted by: Ryan (Jul 12, 2002 08:17AM)
Well there goes my theory that you were using the mat to ditch the coins...
Message: Posted by: Bernard Sim (Jul 12, 2002 10:48AM)
Hey Dan, I like the new video better, especially the traveling of the last coin. Great routine. :sun:
Message: Posted by: Tony (Jul 12, 2002 11:01AM)

Much better! This is an excellent routine for walk-arounds and I guess is best presented standing (including spectators). If you don't mind, I'd like to use it.

Message: Posted by: RiffClown (Jul 12, 2002 11:27AM)
Great Vid!!!
Message: Posted by: MAGICTOM (Jul 12, 2002 11:53AM)
Hey Dan,
For some reason I cant view any of your video's on my computer here at work, it tells me it was unable to download and appropriate decompressor... got any ideas on how I can fix that??
It will play the audio but not the video!
My curiosity is killing me, I have listened to all of the videos on your site, but have been unable to view any of them.
I can view realplayer vids with no prob..
just not Wiondows Media player..
are there any locations that you have these vids in a different format??
Tom :)
Message: Posted by: Dan Watkins (Jul 12, 2002 01:21PM)
Tom, check to see which version of Windows Media Player you have. I list the most current ones at the top of my videos page. If you don't have the most recent one you need to download it. The link to do so is at the top of my videos page as well.

I also heard there is sometimes problems using the Netscape browser - so use IE if you aren't allready.

Message: Posted by: Ryan (Jul 12, 2002 02:52PM)
Sometimes I have problems streaming video's online. If you right click on the link to the video, and then select save as, you can download it, and run it from your HD. This may solve your issue.