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Topic: Penguin Magic Free UK shipping
Message: Posted by: rboyd (Mar 4, 2018 04:16PM)
I was on Penguin Magic today and noticed it's now advertising free UK delivery for orders over $50.

Is this a new thing, could have sworn I was quoted delivery when I last compared prices there a month or two ago.

Also does anyone know what happens re import taxes etc when importing goods this way. Penguin are clear that duties and taxes are my responsibility so not sure how I can find out who much I will have to pay and how it works.

Any advise appreciated.
Message: Posted by: palmtreemagic! (Mar 13, 2018 12:01PM)
Read my post how they lie about their delivery times. It probably says 5-10 days free shipping for you as well.

I ordered my package for free 5-10 days shipping as they advertised. I am currently not too far from the UK.

10 days later and my package is still in the US.

I contacted Penguin support and they told me some packages can take "several weeks"

So they try to cheap out and provide the cheapest, slowest delivery option possible although they advertise 5-10 days. It's free, but not 5-10 days.
Message: Posted by: Acar (Mar 14, 2018 03:19PM)
Palmtreemagic, thank you for sending your PM, I looked into your order and will answer you here so anyone reading your original post can also read my response. I hope it helps clear up a few things.

1. You ordered on March 3rd, which is a Saturday. So your order shipped on Monday, March 5th. That's only 9 days ago today.

2. With most couriers, when a shipping estimate says X days, that usually only counts weekdays. By that measure it's only been 7 days.

3. Your order is NOT still in the US. Notice that the tracking updates you see are only from March 5th, the first day. That's because once it leaves the USA, tracking stops getting updated. This is one of the minor trade-offs for getting free shipping.

4. To clarify and respond to a few hurtful things you said, we would NEVER lie about our shipping estimates (or anything else for that matter!). That would only create a ton of bad-will, disappointment and headache for us. Our job is always to exceed your expectations. The vast majority of packages will indeed arrive in 5-10 business days.

In summary, your package has not been en route for more than 10 days. It is not in the US. I am not promising that it will arrive in the next 3 business days (by Monday, March 19), but it most likely will.