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Topic: Ripped & Relocated - SignedTnR Mismade Bill with a Twist!
Message: Posted by: JustJoshinMagic (Mar 5, 2018 10:36AM)
I just wanted to share a full, uncut performance of one of my favorite effects from my Penguin Live called "Ripped & Relocated". It's a TNR Mismade Bill, based on Dan Harlan's "Crazy Cash". It's actually the first effect I teach! Enjoy!

Message: Posted by: daffydoug (Mar 16, 2019 06:55PM)
I got the e-mail about this today. I think it looks pretty cool.

I'm thinking of taking the plunge, here.

If I order, for the price, how many of the gimmicks do I receive, so that I can give them back "their dollar" after the effect?
Message: Posted by: John Long (Mar 17, 2019 08:51PM)

For them to ship you the gaff (made of real bills) the price would be driven up - they probably show you how to make it.
To keep your price down, you could make up the gaff with a printer, and make it look like Monopoly money.

Message: Posted by: JustJoshinMagic (Mar 17, 2019 09:08PM)
Hey Doug! You get one gimmick, some receipt gimmicks (including files to print more) and instructions on how to get the necessary materials to make more bill gimmicks. Let me know if you have any questions!