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Topic: Is there a list of comedy writers you recommend to make your show funnier?
Message: Posted by: MT (Mar 5, 2018 04:25PM)
Any suggestions? And maybe a bit about their background/credentials would be nice.
Message: Posted by: Comedy Writer (Mar 12, 2018 11:55PM)
I am both a magician and a comedy writer.
What do you need?

Message: Posted by: Nickoli Sharpe (Mar 15, 2018 09:42AM)
Hi MT,
If your looking to have comedy written Dave is your guy.
He has helped a number of performers with there acts.
Including me, he is funny and a great writer.
Message: Posted by: Comedy Writer (Mar 19, 2018 05:30PM)
I also run a comedy writing convention in Minnesota each year. This year the American Comedy Writing Convention is May 12th in Hopkins.