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Topic: St. Patricks Day Plot
Message: Posted by: FrankFindley (Mar 24, 2018 12:06AM)
Just throwing this idea out in case anyone else could get use from it.

Was performing at a St. Patricks Day party and wanted a related trick. Several years ago picked up Rainbow Eclipse ([url]https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3oZREaL9VnI[/url]) from a live Jay Scott Berry lecture at our Ring. It worked wonderfully. Patter was about how leprechauns use their magic to protect their treasure by attaching it to a rainbow. Since you can't catch light, you cant get to the treasure. But if you learn their magic you can turn light solid (produce solid color streamers). And by blending them together you can hold onto an entire rainbow (transform them into blendo streamer). From this you can get their treasure. At this point I produced from the streamer an okito box with four coins as treasure. This led into my next set of effects.

The great thing about this patter is how flexible it is for any silk effect leading to coins. For example, a simple TT rainbow streamer into a jumbo coin production would work.

I am also toying with idea of turning a D'Lite into an ET to produce a silk or streamer. There is just something inherently pleasing to people about making light solid. Does anyone else have ideas around this concept of turning light into a solid object?
Message: Posted by: FrankFindley (Mar 24, 2018 11:15PM)
Been thinking about the "solidifying light" idea some more. Imagine if we had a light go into a prism which breaks it intoint a rainbow of colors. Then one by one the colors are plucked off and solidified into silk streamers. These are then reblended together. Finally, they are vanished and reappear on the prism rainbow.


Controlling light doesn't seem to be a common plot. But it is doable with modern methods. in essence it is similar to shadow effects.
Message: Posted by: FrankFindley (Mar 25, 2018 05:54PM)
Fleshed the light control idea out some more.

The magician displays a large prism and goes into the audience using a fashlight to show how it breaks light into colors. He then explains he has a more powerful light on stage with a screen that everyone can see. He returns to stage and places the prism in a rotating stand in front of the light which is turned on. Everyone can see the color spectrum on the screen. He adjusts the prism so colors are centered on screen, reinforcing the connections between the light, prism, and colors. Then with a clap, he magically causes an instant of the light to freeze. The light on table goes out but colors still are seen going from prism to screen. Then he reaches out and plucks a color off the screen which is seen glowing between his thumb and finger. He then transforms this into a shimering ribbon. This is repeated for multiple colors until no more light remains. Then the ribbons are blended into one white ribbon. This then vanishes in a flash of light, having desolified once again into normal light.

Has this control plot ever been done before?
Message: Posted by: jimgerrish (Mar 25, 2018 11:47PM)
I am working on an expansion of the "Chameleon Silk" idea where you begin with a single white 18" silk and change its color to red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet with the aid of three helpers in the audience who have three flash lights that have red, green and blue filters. The kids have to work out which combination of lights to shine on my hand to make the silk change into the next color of the rainbow. At the end the silk changes into a rainbow streamer that stretches across the stage. Another version uses handing out color filters of red, yellow and blue and the kids with the flashlights have to figure out how to arrange the filters to produce the colors of the rainbow in order so the silk changes to the correct color.
Message: Posted by: Dick Oslund (Jun 9, 2018 08:14AM)
I've been "watching" this thread, with INTEREST!

Although I'm retired, it's still FUN, to think about "colorful" concepts. Thanks! Frank! --and, Jim, too!