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Topic: Beta Testers Wanted
Message: Posted by: Scott Imler (Mar 25, 2018 11:10AM)
Hi guys I need your help in Beta Testing a brand new APP. It’s a very cool and very unique card revelation that's a little different than anything out there.

I am looking for a good cross section of magicians to test this for me and provide feedback. So do not worry this is not one of those first 20 to “respond” gets picked scenarios.

I really want a variety of age groups and experience, some amateurs , semi pros and full timers/restaurant guys to look at this. Its obviously a card effect and should appeal to the card guys so keep that in mind. Also at this stage its only for ISO phones not Android so please be aware of that. Future updates may include Android.
So all I ask is a very brief paragraph from you about you . A rough age and how long you have been in magic, pro ,semi pro? etc. This is just to help me in picking some magicians from each “category”.
If you are interested please do not PM me as Café mail box can get full quick. Just send an email to simler@telus.net with BETATEST (all one word) in the subject line.
I am then going to take a few days to make selections and will respond to your email shortly after that with instructions on how to access the APP!
Thanks in advance!