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Topic: Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks series from BBM: comparing the 4 DVDs
Message: Posted by: EndersGame (Mar 26, 2018 10:48AM)
I'm looking for some comparative comments and reviews about the [b]Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks[/b] series of DVDs from [b]Big Blind Media[/b].

This series now consists of the following four videos:
[url=https://bigblindmedia.com/products/ultimate-self-working-card-tricks-vol-1]Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks Vol 1[/url] (2012)
[url=https://bigblindmedia.com/products/ultimate-self-working-card-tricks-vol-2]Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks Vol 2[/url] (2013)
[url=https://bigblindmedia.com/products/ultimate-self-working-card-tricks-vol-3]Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks Vol 3[/url] (2014)
[url=https://bigblindmedia.com/collections/type_dvd/products/awesome-self-working-card-tricks]Awesome Self Working Card Tricks[/url] (2015)

So how do these four volumes compare? Which one is the strongest? Which one is the weakest? Why? And what are your favourite tricks?

It would be very helpful to see some comparative reviews and comments about this set of four DVDs.


To help give an overview of the entire series, below is a complete list of the tricks on each volume.

[b][url=https://bigblindmedia.com/products/ultimate-self-working-card-tricks-vol-1]Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks Vol 1[/url][/b] (2012)
Contact Colors (Aldo Colombini)
Impossible (Mike Austin)
Shuffling Lesson (Chad Long)
Henry Sugar (Liam Montier)
Pre-Prefiguration (Larry Jennings / Mark Elsdon)
Your Aces Are Marked (Terry Lagerould)
Shufflebored (Simon Aronson)
The 7/16 Club (Alex Elmsley)
Impossible (Larry Jennings)
4,5,6 (Al Thatcher)
Unbelievable (By Shields, F. Michael And Bascom Jones, Jr)

[b][url=https://bigblindmedia.com/products/ultimate-self-working-card-tricks-vol-2]Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks Vol 2[/url][/b] (2013)
Mind Mirror (Jack McMillan)
Convergence (Cameron Francis)
Stock Exchange (John Guasterferro)
Sense-sational (Ryan Schultz)
Poker Pairadox (John Bannon)
Four Most (Peter Duffie)
Password Fallacy (Jim Steinmeyer)
Amara Rises Again (Ryan Matney)
Blind Choice (Roy Walton)

[b][url=https://bigblindmedia.com/products/ultimate-self-working-card-tricks-vol-3]Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks Vol 3[/url][/b] (2014)
Armchair Mindreading (Caleb Wiles)
Self Control (Simon Aronson)
Rising Card (Daryl)
Memory Opener (Sal Piacente)
Casino Clock (David Solomon)
Quadruple MatchUp (Nick Trost)
The Stapled Card (John Scarne)
Devastation (Geoff Williams)
Impossible Divination (Larry Jennings)
The Red & The Blue (Alex Elmsley)

[b][url=https://bigblindmedia.com/collections/type_dvd/products/awesome-self-working-card-tricks]Awesome Self Working Card Tricks[/url][/b] (2015)
Power Of Thought (Paul Curry)
Route 1 (Dave Forrest)
Compatibility (Wayne Dobson)
Wayne Man (Wayne Dobson)
Emotional Reaction (Dai Vernon)
Double Salto (William B Gibson)
Automatic Ace Triumph (Kuniyasu Fujiwara)
Further Than That (Stewart James)
The Future Deck (Jack Vosburgh)
What A Turn Up (Kaymar Magic)
Your Thoughts Are Mine (John Carey)
Message: Posted by: donny (Mar 28, 2018 03:02PM)
So much good card thinking up there. I favor them in the order listed. I found the first DVD to have the best presentations that appealed to me, in my normal amateur presentation environment. Another factor was: Is it FASDIU or mostly so.
Favorites: Pre-Prefiguration (Nardi's version. Good hook.), Your Aces Are Marked (nice move and nice fake shuffle.), Shuffling Lesson (I do 4th. After Pre-Prefiguration and DDLT), Shufflebored (A special one).
These 4 are ALL anyone would need. Has plenty magic and "spectator wins".
Message: Posted by: docguitarman (Jun 2, 2018 04:46PM)
I recently purchase the "Essential Card Magic Toolbox" which includes USWCT Vol.1. Volume one is excellent and I like every effect on that Volume. If pressed for a favorite(s) effects on Vol. 1 I would say in no particular order:

Contact Colors (Aldo Colombini)
Impossible (Mike Austin)
Henry Sugar (Liam Montier)
Pre-Prefiguration (Larry Jennings / Mark Elsdon)
Your Aces Are Marked (Terry Lagerould)
Shufflebored (Simon Aronson)
Impossible (Larry Jennings).

I haven't purchased any of the others yet. One reason (for Vol. 3 and 4 in particular) is several of the effects on those I already know. Larry Jennings Impossible Divination ( a freebie),Future Deck and Stapled Card ( available in the literature ) and Further Than That (deduced from seeing a performance). That makes Vol. 3 and 4 a little less valuable to me at the moment. So based on my limited exposure I agree with the order 1,2,3,4.

Volume 2 would be next on my purchase list based at this point on not knowing (AFAIK) any of the effects... but I haven't researched / viewed performance for those as of yet.
Message: Posted by: D Whitton (Jun 4, 2018 05:31AM)
I perform Henry Sugar all the time. It's a killer trick.
Message: Posted by: EndersGame (Feb 6, 2020 11:12PM)
There are now two more DVDs produced, which need to be added to the list in the original post:

[b][url=https://bigblindmedia.com/products/ultimate-self-working-card-tricks-cameron-francis-edition]Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks Cameron Francis Edition[/url][/b] (2019)
Seven of Hearts Trick
Automatic Poker Triumph
Three Impossible Things
Blackjack Buffet
Counter Intuitive
Exhausted Aces
Exhausted Mates
Fired Up Triumph
Keep, Hide, and Giveaway

[b][url=https://bigblindmedia.com/products/ultimate-self-working-card-tricks-vol-4]Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks Vol 4[/url][/b] (2020)
Karmatic (John Bannon)
Coincidence (Bill Simon)
Five Nine King (Martin Gardner)
Company of Three (Roy Walton)
Sorta Swiped (Jack Tighe)
Miracle Aces (Stephen Tucker)
Baker Street (Liam Montier)
Third Attribute (Michael Breggar)
Swindle Coincidence (Peter Kane)
Card U Reka (U.F Grant)


The tricks that are part of the Cameron Francis Edition DVD are apparently also classic effects, but ones that he has put is own spin on, or simplified and updated. So they're not all credited individually in the ad copy, but presumably this is covered in the video itself.

If anyone has a list of what they are, please do share them. I believe they include versions of popular tricks like "Poker Player's Picnic" and "Tantalizer" from Royal Road to Card Magic, among others such as Paul Gordon's "Eight of Diamonds" and Dai Vernon's "Triumph".