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Topic: GRIPT by Kyle Elder - anti gravity liquid!
Message: Posted by: DavidKenney (Apr 2, 2018 04:46PM)

Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_ZWu0WA5

Add copy says this ....

Have you ever wanted a reliable method to produce a full glass of liquid without any fear of spillage?
We are extremely excited to be able to offer this incredible new product.

GRIPT is a reliable way to seal any glass of liquid for various productions.
GRIPT provides a super strong air tight pressurized seal, yet releases quickly and effortlessly
GRIPT will accommodate any size glass between 2.5inch to 4inch diameter.
GRIPT requires no special glass.
GRIPT is versatile, use any shape glass, circle, oval, square etc.
GRIPT can be used with warm or ice cold liquid and condensation will not affect it.
GRIPT will work with carbonated liquid.
GRIPT is reusable and will last a long time.

We truly believe that this is the best gimmick to produce any glass of liquid that we have seen in years.

You are supplied with 2 GRIPT Gimmicks and download tutorial.

And it's HOW MUCH? $25
Message: Posted by: Brian Tanner (Apr 3, 2018 03:09PM)
I just picked one up at Hocus-Pocus, and let me tell you GRIPT lives up to the ad copy! So far I've tried this on a wine glass, champagne flute, rock glass, and a pilsner glass, all with zero spillage or leaks. The gimmick is tough as nails, yet easy to use. This is definitely a great utility device, and I can't wait to start using it in my show! If you're looking to produce a glass of liquid, GRIPT is the way to go!
Message: Posted by: MagicallyMe (Apr 3, 2018 04:05PM)
Demo looks good.
How hard is it to remove the gimmick? Looks like it can be done with only one hand, correct?
Any comments on ease of cleanup afterwards?
Message: Posted by: Kyle Elder (Apr 3, 2018 07:52PM)
Hello MagicallyMe,
The gimmick is super easy to remove and is done with one hand. I show 2 ways to remove it, both with one hand, which one depends on how you want to produce the glass. The clean up is easy. one of the ways I teach to remove the gimmick, literally delivers the gimmick right into your palm, and its compressible and easy to hide in one hand. If you watch the demo video I shot you will see me pull out the large mug of Real Beer and show the paper bag empty. That is because the gimmick is actually hidden in my hand that is holding mug handle.
I have been keeping this to myself for the past few years and it has never failed me.
Let me know if you have any other questions I am happy to answer them and help any way I can.
Message: Posted by: MagicallyMe (Apr 3, 2018 07:57PM)
Thank you Kyle. Iím sold!
Message: Posted by: Tempesta (Apr 6, 2018 11:42AM)
When will this be available? Where to buy?
Message: Posted by: MagicallyMe (Apr 6, 2018 01:53PM)
I purchasesd mine from Hocus Pocus already
Message: Posted by: DavidKenney (Apr 6, 2018 03:31PM)
Just watched the instructional video - this is going to revolutionize the picnic industry !!!! Kyle you need to market these to Bed Bath and Beyond !!!!
Message: Posted by: Kyle Elder (Apr 6, 2018 06:21PM)
Hello everybody,

Tempesta- as of right now they are only available through Hocus Pocus or myself. Hocus Pocus is your best bet as they are running an introductory special for only $20. Iíll leave the links below.

David Kenney- first of all thank you for posting the add copy here and I look forward to seeing your review on GRIPT. My industry is Magic lol, though I do love bed bath and beyond, I would not want hem selling these as I want them be recognized by magicians.

This gimmick came about for the best reason, to solve a problem I was having. I was at the time performing a routine in my show that required a full wine glass to be sealed. I was using the balloon method and always worried it would fail. I did have it fail a couple times. I tried many things and what is now GripT is the best solution I could come up with. I worked direct with a manufacture to request a specific size that would be perfect for us magicians. I used them for the past 3 years. This year word got around my local magic community that I had the best solution they had seen to seal and produce glasses of liquid, and it wasnít until people started offering to buy them off me before I decided to share and put in on the market. I appreciate the positive response and have enjoyed working on the project and look forward to seeing what other magicians out there come up with using GripT.


Message: Posted by: senno52 (Apr 6, 2018 07:44PM)
Would this work with shot glasses as well?
Message: Posted by: Greg Rostami (Apr 6, 2018 08:26PM)
Message: Posted by: Kyle Elder (Apr 6, 2018 10:11PM)
Senno52- unfortunately this isnít ideal for a shot glass. A standard shot glass is a little to small for GripT. The best size is roughly 2.5 in. to just over 4in. Thereís a little wiggle room there. If you are looking to seal a shot glass I would recommend Scott Alexanderís Sure Shot. It works great and Scott is a great guy. The Sure Shot and Bog Shot gimmicks are limited more to a round shape but if a shot glass is what you need itís the way to go. I am planning on seeing my optio. With my manufacturer as far as smaller sizes go to see if itís possible for the future.

Greg- Iím a big fan of your work and own most of your apps. Iím happy to hear you think itís Super Cool. Thank you.

-Kyle Elder
Message: Posted by: senno52 (Apr 7, 2018 09:48AM)
Thanks for the info
Message: Posted by: MagicallyMe (Apr 12, 2018 01:55PM)
Any plans for a champagne / shot glass version?
Message: Posted by: Kyle Elder (Apr 13, 2018 01:18AM)
I would love to make that happen. As of right now not yet. I will certainly look into it and see if I can make it happen.
Message: Posted by: Kyle Elder (Apr 19, 2018 11:29AM)
Im going to hide this here for a lucky 5 people to discover for fun.

Cafť Special!!! The first 5 people to enter coupon code Cafť25 will get 25% off their order!
Message: Posted by: reignofsound (Apr 19, 2018 02:33PM)
Can a glass be put into a bag then turned?
Message: Posted by: Kyle Elder (Apr 19, 2018 02:47PM)
Absolutely. Onceís the gimmick is placed on the glass correctly you canít shake it off if you tried too. Quick pull of a tab and it releases.
Here is a strait demo showing exactly that

2 Cafť specials left!!
Message: Posted by: bobgill (Apr 20, 2018 06:29AM)
Like many of you over the years I have bought many glass gimmicks to facilitate the production of a glass of real wine. These have ranged from the good to the bad to the downright ugly.

As a performer you have to have complete and utter confidence in the gimmick to be happy to include it in your programme.

I must say that having spotted this on the Cafť Forum I contacted Kyle and bought a couple. They are the very best covers I've handled, by a nautical mile.

Not only is the seal of the liquid completely foolproof, but his clever design means that peeling off the cover is so-o-o-o foolproof.

As to the glasses it works with: the diameter of the gimmick is 2.75 inches. Because the seal necessitates stretching the gimmick, this suggests glasses of 3 inches or more are suitable. This embraces wine glasses and tumblers. Not pint glasses (too large) or shot glasses (too small).
Message: Posted by: Kyle Elder (Apr 20, 2018 08:44PM)
Hello everyone,
First off I wanted to thank Bob Gill for his very kind words about GripT. Bob Iím glad you are enjoying it and thank you for your kind support.
I do want to clarify one thing though, it is true that shot glasses are too small for GripT to work, but pint glasses are not to big. They work great actually. I have even used GripT with a desert dish with a stem, that had a diameter of about 4.25 inches and it worked fine. I also have used a Martini fglass successfully and they are typically larger then a pint glass on diameter.

P.S The Cafť special deal has 1 left to go the first 4 have already shipped out.
Coupon code Cafť25
Message: Posted by: Kevin Wade (Apr 20, 2018 11:22PM)
Very pleased with my purchase. It is the solution I have been seeking for a long time. Highly Recommend!
Message: Posted by: CoffeeWithMagic (Apr 21, 2018 11:27PM)
I think I just grabbed the last discount code, but I'm not sure (checkout redirected, then back again, hope it went through!).

I'm looking forward to seeing if I can implement this in my work, in a fun way. Already have a few ideas in my head, but gotta get it first and see if the method will work well with the ideas.
Message: Posted by: tophatter (Apr 22, 2018 12:42AM)
I don't get It maybe It's me you produce a glass full of liquid BUT the bag or silk Is never shown empty . I am not impressed with this at all sorry like I said It could just be me.
Message: Posted by: Kyle Elder (Apr 22, 2018 03:34AM)
Hello everyone,
Kevin Wade, thank you for the kind words I am glad your happy with your purchase.

Coffeewithmagic(scott) I have emailed you and pmíd you with a solution for you.

Tophatter, I believe you may be confused a bit. The paper bag and silk demo isnít intended to be a magic effect alone. I agree it would be silly to do that for an audience that way exactly. It was only to show how well the gimmick holds an airtight seal with liquid. Itís just to demo what the gimmick can do. You produce or steal the glass any way you want. GripT is a special gimmick that creates an airtight seal to allow any glass you produce to be full of liquid or anything for that matter. Itís not a trick itís a utility device.
Message: Posted by: bobgill (Apr 22, 2018 10:34AM)
Kyle is absolutely right; I've just tried it with a pint glass and it works fine.

One thing I'd add about the gimmick; in almost all cases, the material used for past versions have been light and thin, presumably to allow the stretch.

The material Kyle has used is substantial, which is why you end up so confident in using it. And it makes it such a tight seal. That little puppy isn't going anywhere!
Message: Posted by: tophatter (Apr 22, 2018 12:40PM)
Okay I got it now thanks for clearing that up Kyle ! I guess you can keep the glass of liquid in any production Item then safely produce it.
Message: Posted by: Kyle Elder (Apr 22, 2018 01:34PM)
Most any glass production where the glass had to be empty, GripT allows you to do it with a full glass now. Thereís a classic wine glass production like the one in my demo that Ammar used to show in his lectures. That works great too. Iím wanting to work on a bonus video to add to the download instructions that will share routine and effect ideas. Unfortunately some tweaker broke my car window and stole my magic case worth over $2500. Thatís been setting me back.
Message: Posted by: Nat (Jan 24, 2020 05:05PM)
I purchased several effects from Kyle -- all top notch including GRIPT!

[quote]On Apr 22, 2018, Kyle Elder wrote:
Most any glass production where the glass had to be empty, GripT allows you to do it with a full glass now. Thereís a classic wine glass production like the one in my demo that Ammar used to show in his lectures. That works great too. Iím wanting to work on a bonus video to add to the download instructions that will share routine and effect ideas. Unfortunately some tweaker broke my car window and stole my magic case worth over $2500. Thatís been setting me back. [/quote]
Message: Posted by: shakespeare (Feb 26, 2020 04:13PM)
I don't know this guy Kyle Elder, but Rick Burr recently brought back a Gript from a convention. I have to say that this solved many of my problems with producing liquid. I want Kyle to continue manufacturing this thing. It's reasonable in price and works great. I'm going to buy two more as backups after I write this post.