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Topic: One last thing about David Blaine, don't just skip this either
Message: Posted by: MagicAces (Apr 24, 2004 11:17PM)
I think David Blaine is a little over rated by magicians new to magic. Even though he has received credit for tricks which are not his and has not stated otherwise, David Blaine has sparked an interest in magic and has exposed magic to the mainstream. It doesn't hurt the world of magic to have more and new creative minds, it actually helps more than anything.

Yes, many starting magic for the first time think that David Blaine is the greatest thing in the world, but they don't deserve to get bashed because it was him who brought them into magic. Once they learn after period of time they can become just as good as, they'll get past David Blaine this David Blaine that.

So those new to magic their's much more to magic then David Blaine and the tricks you see on TV. There is a world full of great magician that are wonderful other him. So it would be wise not to ask how is that trick done on David Blaine special, instead describe the effect and ask where to find it.

Despite all the magicians who don't like him, he has done a great thing for the magic community. He has made it more popular as before it wasn't.

Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Apr 25, 2004 12:56AM)
I compare David Blaine to William Chung, very bad. This weird, no personnality person is not doing anything good for magic. His presentations are all so much like a kindergarden beginner.

The only thing he has is a rich backer that has done wonders to make Blaine rich.
Message: Posted by: MagicAces (Apr 25, 2004 02:02AM)
So are you saying all the new people interested in magic because of DB shouldn't be?
Message: Posted by: rannie (Apr 25, 2004 03:13AM)
I am not a Blaine fan , but I certainly appreciate what he has done for magic. Its not about who got who interested in magic, but where do they go from there. I advice all new magicians(for lack of a better term "Blaine converts") to study the classics. Introduce them to various masters of magic and let them decide.


Message: Posted by: MagicAces (Apr 25, 2004 03:45AM)
Rannie I think more people could think like you(lol).
Message: Posted by: nitram (Apr 25, 2004 05:27AM)
Looks like the Green-eyed Monster to me!
Message: Posted by: italianmagi90023 (Apr 26, 2004 12:20PM)
My only beef with David Blaine is the fact that his tricks triggered a surge in the sale of old faithful effects. Effects that magicians have relied on for years because they are killers are now cycling through the lay public......as well as with shakey cart magicians.

Message: Posted by: Blainemagic (Apr 26, 2004 01:31PM)
Well I think that everyone has started magic or anything else because that have seen someone else doing it. And blaine has inspired many magicians and has helped the magic popularity.
Message: Posted by: italianmagi90023 (Apr 26, 2004 02:55PM)
Wow...is that you David...will you sign my rising deck?

Message: Posted by: prospero (Apr 26, 2004 10:12PM)
I couldn't agree with MagicAces more. Every single word, man.
Message: Posted by: Paddy (Apr 26, 2004 10:21PM)
Thhe only problem with Blaine is the immpression he give of us. People look at him and see the magician as a street wanderer who is too high on drugs to hold a real job so has to rely on the "magical" gimmicks.

Not my idea of good P.R. for the Magical Arts.

Message: Posted by: Che (Apr 27, 2004 12:52AM)
On 2004-04-26 23:21, Paddy wrote:
a street wanderer who is too high on drugs to hold a real job

That describes me to a [b]"T"[/b]!!!!!!

Hey!!! I think David Blaine copied my style!!!!!!! He owes me some serious LOOT!!!!!!
Message: Posted by: sinnead zenun (Apr 27, 2004 08:48AM)
Well I am thankful for david blaine. he had somehow change the people's impression about magic (in our country). before when I show someone a trick they just laugh at me and they think that I'm a fool from some carnivals or freak show. they don't treat magicians here as artist or magic as an art form. but after blaine's special was shown here in our country I got better reaction from audiences and they have more apreciation of magic. but the negative side and the one I hate, is that they keep calling me david blaine. I don't want to be known as a david blaine copy cat I wanted to be known as me.
Message: Posted by: bcharles (Apr 28, 2004 09:52AM)
I would just encourage the new magicians to seek out instruction through books, manuscripts, videos of other magicians. There is so much to be learned beyond just "how this or that is done". Magic is more than "doing tricks", but that's another topic.

Message: Posted by: Heavens to Mercitroids (Apr 29, 2004 05:54PM)
Even though he has received credit for tricks which are not his and has not stated otherwise,

What about the effects that ARE his?????
Message: Posted by: the levitator (Apr 29, 2004 06:53PM)
While I agree that his television specials created a new surge in the interest of magic by the lay public, I think DB might be getting a little to much credit from the magic community. I mean, the way people talk on this board and others would make you think that he is a selfless martyr who stood up for magicians all over the world to promote the art of magic and make the world a better place for all of us in the art. Get real! David Blaine created interest in HIS concept to increase HIS popularity and HIS bank acount. David Blaine wanted to make life better for David Blaine, not little Billy and his recently purchased folding quarter. I'm not taking anything away from David, because I like his style and his determination to be famous. But let's face it, David did it for David, not for Magic as an art. His rise was indirectly responsible for the surge in magic's popularity, and we should al be thankful for that. But let's not saint the guy as if it was some selfless act to make us all feel better about being magicians.
Message: Posted by: Heavens to Mercitroids (Apr 29, 2004 07:02PM)
I don't think his intentions were ever the topic of debate. I think people are just defending him as a legitamate Magician.

On 2004-04-29 18:54, Heavens to Mercitroids wrote:
Even though he has received credit for tricks which are not his and has not stated otherwise,

What about the effects that ARE his?????

This is a joke by the way.
Message: Posted by: truthteller (Apr 29, 2004 07:11PM)
Who is William Chung?

Also, do you honestly believe a lay person looks at BLaine and goes, "he relies on magical gimmicks, so all magicians must?" I don;t think that is the conclusion a lay audience draws.
Message: Posted by: MagicAces (Apr 29, 2004 09:44PM)
Tell the truth truthteller lol
Message: Posted by: Heavens to Mercitroids (Apr 30, 2004 12:42AM)
On 2004-04-29 20:11, truthteller wrote:
Who is William Chung?

Also, do you honestly believe a lay person looks at BLaine and goes, "he relies on magical gimmicks, so all magicians must?" I don;t think that is the conclusion a lay audience draws.

Say word!!!!

Lay people LOVE Blaine and the effects he performs. Anyone who passes up those effects because he populorized them is missing out on some great reactions.
Message: Posted by: Ember (Apr 30, 2004 02:43AM)

Got to agree with most of what you said. The only bit that confuses me is about attribution of tricks to rightful inventors.

While when writing it is now considered ethical to attribute to original creators I don't see the relevance of this to performance. 90% of what I perform is not mine but I don't credit Ortiz, Jennings, Berger etc in my presentations. As far as the audience is concerned the effect is mine and I'm sure that most other people want the magic they perform to be perceived that way as well.

The fact that other people might credit something to David Blaine is not his fault, and just because he is on TV or famous does not mean he should be expected to confirm to an ideal/position that we don't ourselves.
Message: Posted by: TricksDaniel (May 1, 2004 02:17AM)
I agree with a lot that everyone is saying. It is good that DB did strike an interest into a lot of people with his magic. But,I do think that a lot of the tricks he does and the ones people are buying has taken a lot of the classics away. Lay people now know how this or that is done. It does have one positive outcome. We must come up with bigger and better tricks to fool the laymen.Just my thought.
Message: Posted by: sinnead zenun (May 1, 2004 05:05AM)
Well what david blaine did, had somehow help and hurt the art of magic. but I respect him more than this masked magician.
Message: Posted by: Reis O'Brien (May 1, 2004 11:34AM)
Ah, right. Glad I didn't skip this thread, per your instructions. None of this has ever been said before about Blaine!

Come on, people! Like him or hate him, you are doing the very thing he has wanted us to do all along... to talk about him!
Message: Posted by: Grego78 (May 4, 2004 05:33PM)
I didn't read all the replys in this thread, but I can tell you that I'm very very new to magic and it was David Blaine that got me interested. I think that David has made it cool to be a magician, where before him I thought of magicians as old men with dickie bow ties and coloured silks. After studying all David's specials many times I've become obsessed with card magic. I think it's the fact that David's stuff showed that with practice, you can impress girls or anyone, any race or religion just by walking up to them and showing them a card effect. (By the way, can anyone tell me the best way to learn card techniques? I have been trying with 3 ebooks I bought,but I'm getting so confused with the instructions.

Also, It's more than the street tricks, I am deeply interesed in the endurance stunts and the experimenting with the human mind that he does. I relate to his passion for testing the human mind and body to the extreme. I really don't think you should put Blaine in the catagory of just street magician. He's a lot more: (Try performance artist)
Message: Posted by: magicmike001 (May 4, 2004 07:33PM)

BUT, he did bring magic back to star life again
Message: Posted by: KillerMagic (May 4, 2004 07:46PM)
Just stop dissing David. He is one of the best. He spends so much time practicing and has dedicated his life to his magic and stunts. Read his book and you will know the reall David. I know that he has not made all those sites and debates he does magic and does not want all this debate I know this for a fact.
Message: Posted by: Blainemagic (May 4, 2004 07:47PM)
Thank you finally someone who cares.
Message: Posted by: prospero (May 15, 2004 07:03PM)
KillerMagic and Blainemagic. It's fine that you guys are just starting magic, and there are many new magicians who think that Blaine is the greatest thing since the Elmsley Count, but hey, NO!

Blaine is by no means "one of the best." His double lift is more dicey then Emeril's newest concoction, and his presention lacks, well, presentation.

And KillerMagic, his book is lies. Just lies.

So to all the Blainiacs out there who refuse to believe what those more experienced tell them:

"No. Just--no."


You guys are the same person, aren't you?
Message: Posted by: Newb2 (May 15, 2004 07:59PM)
Lol, they are the same people. His book is a lie, the historical part was nice, but guessing cards til he got it correct? Yea, right...
Message: Posted by: prospero (May 16, 2004 07:48PM)
It's sad when people make up alter egos just to corroborate their own opinions...