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Topic: Owen Magic Supreme
Message: Posted by: Gerry Walkowski (Apr 30, 2018 06:14PM)
I just received the latest issue of Genii.

From the look of this one ad, it appeared as if Owen is looking for a serious buyer.

Can anyone add anything to that?


Message: Posted by: hugmagic (May 3, 2018 04:22PM)
It has been unoffically for sale for years. Alan would just like to retire.
Message: Posted by: Gerry Walkowski (May 5, 2018 05:01AM)
Thanks Richard.

We can't fault anyone for retiring.

Message: Posted by: goodingda (May 9, 2018 11:59AM)
I love Owen Magic, have used their props for years. I really hope someone buys it and carries on the tradition of high quality magic props.