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Topic: 65-card deck?
Message: Posted by: deanpickles (May 3, 2018 12:56PM)
Has anyone here designed or released a 65-card deck, with the old 1930s fifth suit? I've read about the United States Playing Card Company's "Green Eagle" suit (which, given the era, has some interesting implications), but a 65-card deck could add some interesting twists to some old tricks...

Message: Posted by: jrd88 (Aug 9, 2018 06:24PM)
A company released a product called Stardeck a while ago that is not currently producing decks - potentially you could find them on ebay/other markets. There's also a cheap product on Amazon named 5 Dimension Playing Cards - quality looks poor if you plan on handling them too much.

Your next options after that - you're looking at Haggis decks https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/37628/haggis
or ordering a customer 5 suit deck from alibaba/China. Never done the latter, not sure what goes in to it!

Alternatively, here's a 6-suit deck


You could just strip one out?
Message: Posted by: deanpickles (Aug 10, 2018 03:17PM)
Nice!!! Thanks, JRD!