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Topic: Gossamer Harness
Message: Posted by: sawuin2 (Jun 7, 2018 04:46PM)
For those who have purchased a Gossamer Harness- where did you get the rest of your apparatus constructed (specifically interested in a broom suspension) - and roughly how much did the broom apparatus end up costing you to construct?
Message: Posted by: Blair Marshall (Jun 8, 2018 06:32AM)
You can purchase the base and the poles from any of the illusion builders if need be. Or you can build one yourself (Owen's plans are good). Peter's harness has a "standard" nipple to fit most poles.

I had several new poles done for mine (varying heights, finishes etc.) and several base gimmicks. These were done at a local machine shop. The base pieces were made to Owen plans.

Search the Café for input as there was a least one thread where the pipe material was discussed. (C.D. Seamless Mechanical Tubing 1015/1018)

Blair Marshall