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Topic: Size matters - is this a real Jumbo deck
Message: Posted by: The Duster (Jun 8, 2018 10:50AM)
This is a McCombical deck, called a Jumbo McCombe

jumbo sized playing cards (5 x 3.5)

I haven't really used cards [or jumbo ones] before

But that seems on the small side of 'jumbo'

How do you think that size will play to an audience [will they basically look like more or less normal cards - from the distance of an audince, i.e. not in close up] - as I'm not sure whether the smaller size will reduce the humour/feel of the effect...

Is 5" by 3.5" big enough to count as Jumbo [?] hmm

If anyone has experience of playing to seated audiences of 50+ be good to know how cards of that size will play... it would be a purely comedy routine
Message: Posted by: jimgerrish (Jun 8, 2018 02:02PM)
Here is a larger size: https://www.amazon.com/Loftus-International-Jumbo-Mccombical-Deck/dp/B0052VJTZY

You can also perform the McCombical routine with a regular (non-gimmicked) jumbo deck of cards and the ability to perform a "Hindu Shuffle" with them. At the end, the "trick" deck instantly "turns into" a normal deck for you to continue using.