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Topic: Your best performances.
Message: Posted by: KillerMagic (Apr 28, 2004 11:07AM)
I want to here some of your best performances. When you did street magic. Like when you got the best reactions and stuff like that.
Message: Posted by: Magicfingerz (Apr 28, 2004 08:45PM)
That's a hard question to answer if someone has been performing magic for a long time.

I hate how since David Blaine magic has become a blood sport, where new magicians perform magic so that they can emotionally crush their spectators.Magicians out for screams are facsists in my oppinion. What happened to charming the audience, making them laugh, or pleasing them with visual beauty and grace.

The great Jay Sankey once said "While Magicians once strived to charm, delight, seduce, and entertain ,there is now a generation of magicians who seem intent on solely 'frying' or 'destroying' people.It is as if for these performers there is no other movies other than action flicks. Gone are the dramas, romances, and comedies. Not suprising, this narrow minded lust for screams, shouts, and other overt signs of mental meltdown is a direct result of the television culture, and in particular, the manner in which many of the 'street magic' shows are now produced."

If you are looking for my best screaming reaction, one of my favorites that comes to mind is doing hummer card for some young lady who became so afraid she threw a quite heavy book at me. But the spectators favorite tricks are the beautiful ones. Like snowstorm in china and macdonalds aces to a good song. Tricks that make you feel all fuzzy and awe inspired.
Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Apr 29, 2004 09:12AM)
Best performance on the street? Ok, here comes a high point for me. It was probably the best performance I ever had. The venue was the performing section of the inner harbor of Baltimore, early June, about four years ago. It had rained earlier in the day and threatened to rain again which seemed to keep away the tourists. Otherwise the temperature was perfect for being on the streets.

I started playing with a Misers Dream to try to get a few of the tourists braving the day to stop and watch. Magically, as three stopped, about a half a dozen more stopped to see what was going on. A great bantering interchange developed between a couple of the spectators and me. By the time I decided to start the act I had actually gathered about 12 people! Given the nature of the day I considered this a good edge (crowd) to start.

Everything seemed to go right; every trick hit its mark and got a great response. Spectators grabbed from the crowd were good and responsive and most important were having fun. Their fun, squeals of delight and laughter carried over to the other spectators who laughed and applauded appreciatively.

By the second trick I noticed that my edge had doubled (and I donít know where they came from Ė talk about magic!). I was getting great laughs for my jokes and lines (thatís magic too!) and good applause for the climax of each trick. By the end of the performance I had a good fifty to sixty adults watching, laughing, and applauding.

I generally expect about one third of my audience to drop a buck into my hat. That day, for that performance, I think that over two-thirds dropped something into the hat, and over half of them dropped more than a buck! It was a fat hat, a great crowd, and I felt like I reached deep inside and pulled out a great performance! It was one performance where everything worked exactly as it should have and nothing went wrong.

The tricks? Who cares? Did jaws drop? Sure they did. Did my audience get entertained? You bet!

The performance was truly magical for my audience and for me!
Message: Posted by: Brent McLeod (Apr 29, 2004 05:05PM)

Absolutley Brilliant!

Thats What it is all about-Wow!

I will be striving to achieve the above as often as Possible-Great Inspiration

Message: Posted by: MichaelKent (May 11, 2004 03:50PM)
Those experiences, Harry, are the ones that we carry with us on those days when things aren't going our way or when we just don't feel like doing magic. And for many of us, it's those experiences that are the reason we got into magic in the first place.

Thanks for sharing!