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Topic: Performing at work.
Message: Posted by: gimmick1586 (Jul 14, 2002 01:09PM)
Hello, this is my first post here. I've been working with cards and coins for close to a year now. Well I just started working at a coffee shope(makes it ironic that I'm here)but I was think would it be good to start flashing tricks and all. I work at a cash register and I could probably do a couple tricks and play with peoples head. The reason I don't stop working and do that is because I don't won't to get fired for playing around at work. But I thought if I do a couple tricks here and there, the boss might notice my talent and get me to start performing for people. I might get paid more. Anything to say about this? Have you ever done this before.
Message: Posted by: ChessMess (Jul 14, 2002 04:06PM)
I would recommend that you wait awhile before you start doing anything. Let everyone get comfortable with you and vice versa. Then when things are slow and the boss is in a good mood, show him a trick.
Message: Posted by: variable75 (Jul 15, 2002 12:32AM)
How about showing an effect to the manager first during a break or a time when you aren't "on the clock". Based on his reaction you should be able to take action accodingly. Just my two cents. Hope it works out for you!!
Message: Posted by: Kardenni (Jul 15, 2002 02:40AM)
Dont go into the thing thinking you might get paid more. I like the advise of variable75. remember to just have fun!
Message: Posted by: gimmick1586 (Jul 15, 2002 07:47AM)
Nah I wasn't really plan on getting paid more. Just thought it would be fun to show somethings while I was at work.
Message: Posted by: mysticz (Jul 15, 2002 08:21AM)
You would be wise to keep your mind on your business at work and save your magic performances for your free hours. The last thing a boss wants or needs is his cashier showing card tricks to his customers.

Joe Z.
Message: Posted by: gimmick1586 (Jul 15, 2002 10:48AM)
I won't get carried away. Just maybe a quick litle coin trick when I had them there change and all.
Message: Posted by: Ryan (Jul 15, 2002 11:57AM)
If you work the cash register, you should avoid doing any coin work. Escpecially Coin vanishes. They might start suspecting you, if your register doesn't balance.
Message: Posted by: Paul Menzel (Jul 15, 2002 01:30PM)
If you really want to show off your coin skills at a register, it's better to do so as a customer than as a cashier. As an employee, you are there to represent the company, not yourself. Trying to "play with peoples (sic) heads" while on duty is a good way to lose your job. However, as has been mentioned, performing for your boss or fellow employees while on break or before/after your shift can be good practice IF they want to see some magic.
Message: Posted by: Scott F. Guinn (Jul 15, 2002 06:37PM)
AMEN! There is nothing worse than a magician "foisting" himself on someone who doesn't want to see magic! Wait until you're ASKED! And if you're on the clock for a business, you should be concentrating on your job, not your hobby.
Message: Posted by: Stuart Hooper (Jul 16, 2002 10:28AM)
So don't do cards, to slow. Don't do coins, cause people suspect you. Do something else! If you have regular customers, the coffe shop could come to be known for those cute little things you do and it will make everyone's experience better! :stout:
Message: Posted by: mambra (Jul 16, 2002 12:49PM)

Scott is a wise man!

There are people who do not like magic because they do not like being "fooled". As for me, I cannot understand because when I am I really like it. I like wondering "how he can have done it?". I watch surprised and amazed.

But I have friends who do not like it. And I never performed for them.

Now...let suppose your boss is a person who feel stupid when fooled by a magician... what do you think would happen?

And more...I perform when I am asked...and not *everytime* I am asked...!

Anyhow, with time and patience, you might be able to say you are a magician, someone might be curious about it... and you can start. To do some trick to custumers, too.
OK...Matt Schulien and Tom Mullica started sometime...

But, do not rush too much!!!

Good luck.


Stefano Mambretti
Message: Posted by: TOBIAS (Jul 16, 2002 12:52PM)
Ok to tell you the truthit's not that bad, although if you missed any they said your sure to lose your job. If nothing is going on every thing is clean and you are waiting for more work. I would sa do some small table hopping. First thing is first, nothing long. K.I.S.S. Quick and simple tricks. The more eye popping the better. Sweet and to the point. Never forget where you are thou, AT WORK. Remember slack once and it is your butt. I make a living doing this now, but I started doing magic while bartending and serving tables at a Denny's. :dance:
Message: Posted by: gimmick1586 (Jul 16, 2002 02:48PM)
Well see I'm not going to be there at the register making coins dissapear and produce them here or there. Maybe just a several coin vanish go to hand them their coins and my hand is empty, then I could say " hate when that happens" and show there in the other hand. You see my boss told me if you work at a coffee house the biggest thing he looks for is personality. See a coffee shop is a place like Barnie's where you go in get your coffee for work and leave. A coffee house is a quite peaceful palce where you can get coffee and hang around and chat while drinking coffee. So being a little town and the same costumers you have to kind of get to know people and conversate and all. So giving people a quick amazement or laugh would be a great idea. Its not like I plan on doing Miser's Dream while 10 people are waiting in a line wanting coffee.:) There is never a line. Now knowing this, any thoughts?
Message: Posted by: Donnie (Jul 16, 2002 03:48PM)
I assume you want quick visual stuff that seems off the cuff. I suggest tenkai pennies, theres quite a few finger moves that are good, u could do a spellbound and turn someones nickel into your ring. You are really only limited by ur imagination, u could throw striking vanish in there do the pencil behind the ear. Turn a coin into a jumbo or into a spongeball. Mark Jenest number 2 pencil is nice and impromptu looking be more specific and maybe i could help you more.
Message: Posted by: Ryan (Jul 16, 2002 04:37PM)
If you want to impress, try some coin flourishes. Such as the coin roll. You could coin roll the customers change to them, and if they seem impressed they may ask if you do magic. Then your set.
Message: Posted by: Paul Menzel (Jul 16, 2002 07:34PM)
I stand by my earlier post.

Your safest bet is to let your boss make the decision whether or not it is okay for you to perform for customers...and then only when they WANT to see magic. Show your boss what you can do and see how it goes from there.

Some may say it is easier to get forgiveness than permission, but in this case, getting the permission first shows respect for your employers, the customers, and magic. By all means, go ahead and ask. It could be a great opportunity! And with permission, you should have a lot more freedom to perform.
Message: Posted by: gmartins (Jul 16, 2002 07:47PM)
I agree with the majority of opinions: show your boss that magic is your hobby. If he likes it, good. If he doesn't, I guess it's not bad! But just starting doing magic for customers when you should be working, maybe not to good ideia. I understand your need to perform (I have the same problem, being just a hobbyist) but take it slow and not in your work! :-)