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Topic: Performance nerves
Message: Posted by: DanielGoodwin (Jul 19, 2018 05:55AM)
Hi, I'm doing some research for an article on performance nerves, and I wondered if anyone would be prepared to share stories of how nerves / anxiety / stage fright has affected them? It could be something funny, sad, or poignant. I'm NOT looking for advice on how to deal with nerves, only stories of how nerves affect you.

Thank You.

Message: Posted by: Cliffg37 (Aug 9, 2018 09:00PM)
I am a claustrophobic Escape Artist. (Cue laugh track now) But I am serious. I get hit with an attack of nerves everytime I am locked in a box or cage. The straitjacket does not bother me as my head is sticking out and it does not hit my phobia. Same with handcuffs. I think it works to my favor, believe it or not, as the audience sees real fear on my face as I am getting closed in. I deal with it by reminding myself that I am in control. The fear may remain once I start to work, but is gone by the time I am getting free. This is part of the reason I don't do safes or deathtraps.
Message: Posted by: rabbitok (Aug 24, 2018 10:15PM)
I used to suffer terrible nerves prior to large stage shows, close-up no problem ... I am now a close-up magician ... Then I was asked to perform my close-up show (a la parisienne sidewalk Café setting) in front of 120 people at a wedding, and managed to do so without the trauma, I think it all in how well prepared the show is, and the fact that even with a larger audience I am still just performing to the seated table... the rest of the audience are onlookers....