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Topic: Summer Clothes For Shows
Message: Posted by: Tony Thomas (Jul 23, 2018 10:37PM)
What are your thoughts about these two outfits for Summer gigs? I bought several shirts in the style on the right, in various colors and had the Tony Thomas logo embroidered on the chest. Any feedback?
Message: Posted by: Sophocles (Aug 3, 2018 02:59AM)
Hey Tony, I actually came on here today to see what people were saying about summer clothes and kids parties. I've only done a few shows and have a show next week outside where the temperature will be very hot. I'm going with dark jeans and a black t-shirt with the head/face of Gargamel on the front. I like it and feel comfortable in it. My wife says its fine but it personally I worry a bit that too many people in my area of the world think of Magicians in the traditional outfit... Regarding the outfits you posted, I'm not a fan.
Message: Posted by: Wravyn (Aug 3, 2018 04:03PM)
Tony, I think they look good on you. You can pull that style off, myself, since those shirts are not like anything I wear, I feel I would look odd. As long as you’re comfortable in them, they work well for you.