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Topic: Penguin Magic: gift certificate instead of refund, is that OK ?
Message: Posted by: mh1001 (Jul 24, 2018 11:30AM)
I have had a big issue with Penguin recently, and though people usually say Penguin has an excellent customer service (if not the best) I can't agree with that, after what happened. I've seen way better elsewhere.

Three months ago (or maybe more, I can't remember well) I placed an order for several DVDs, and since I could select free shipping, well, of course I did. I live in France, but still, after 1 month and half, nothing. The "tracking" says it's in transit, I'm told it's in France, but after contacting FedEx, they said no, it's still in the US. Meanwhile, two weeks after this first order, I purchased two DVDs, and after one month, still nothing, the tracking number is useless as well, no one knows where this package is.

I reached to Penguin, about these two orders, and asked about a refund, being sorry about that. Problem is, they replied and said that they already sent a replacement, a package combining the two orders that got lost. I didn't feel like complaining, and wanted to give them a chance.

I waited 1 month and half, again, and still nothing, same issues as before. Now, I asked them what we could do. They replied and said that they gave me a gift certificate, I asked if they could refund me instead, I sent two emails, no replies since 4-5 days now.

For what I understand, Penguin wants me to buy from them again, instead of refunding me, and let me spend my money as I feel like it. Because now that I know that Penguin shipment for big package is very unreliable, I'm stuck with some money I hesitate to spend because non-free shipping options for DVDs would cost easily more than 50 dollars. Not a bargain.


I don't know if it's a common thing to do, but I think money certificate is not the same as a refund, and it isn't fair.
Message: Posted by: magikeren (Jul 26, 2018 09:47AM)
It is illegal! At least in Denmark. :)
Message: Posted by: Cleverpaws (Jul 29, 2018 08:29PM)
They should issue a refund as you never received the items. If you had you decided to return the items after receiving them, then that would make sense for a gift certificate.
The gift certificate not only ensures you buy from them but also saves them the bank fees associated with a refund.
Message: Posted by: mh1001 (Jul 30, 2018 04:53PM)
Thanks for the reply both of you.

Cleverpaws, in fact, they decided everything by themselves. First, they decided not to refund me and ship it once, I didn't complain. But once more, package lost (it seems) and then again, my request wasn't accepted, and changed into a gift certificate.

I can understand the cost associated with a refund. But honestly, they decided on this free shipping method. I don't know inside the US, but as regards with international shipping to France at least, I'm probably safe to say it's not reliable. I'm not in fault here if their shipping method is unreliable, so of course there is no reason for them not to accept the refund. If they lost money in the process, I lost time as well (+3 months for stuff I wanted as soon as possible).
Message: Posted by: C-suite magic (Aug 6, 2018 12:21PM)
You are definitely owed a refund in this case. It happened to me with another company and they tried to give me credit but I point blank refused it. After a heated email exchange I got my money back.
Message: Posted by: mh1001 (Sep 1, 2018 09:11PM)
[quote]On Aug 6, 2018, C-suite magic wrote:
After a heated email exchange I got my money back. [/quote]
The problem is that they don't respond, so I could go on and on, but no answers. That's why I posted this message here. To warn people. I know I can't have my money back. I don't trust Penguin anymore, anyway.