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Topic: Color monte summary for ease of memorizing the moves
Message: Posted by: Bob G (Aug 5, 2018 08:53AM)
Dear Magicians,

I was having a hard time remembering which move to do when, and suddenly it all fell into place for me and I realized that the structure of the trick is quite simple. Possibly the rest of you all figured that out right away, but just in case it might help somebody else who's learning the trick, I'm summarizing what happens, with details suppressed. (At two places in the trick the order of the cards gets reversed, covered by clever patter that leaves me in awe.) You'll have to find detailed instructions to find those two places.)

I'm assuming that you're using the cards that come with Emerson and West's marketed trick.

1. Show two red cards (top and middle) and one blue (bottom).

2. Successively show a red card on the bottom, then the top, then the middle.

3. Exactly the same as #2, but with a blue card instead of a red one.

4. Lay down a red card and the blue card face up, separated from each other on the table, and a third card between them, face down. After appropriate patter, reveal face down card.

¡Buena Suerte!