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Topic: What's the ULTIMATE Prediction?
Message: Posted by: magicianbrady (Aug 21, 2018 03:33AM)
I don't know if I'm posing in the right forum but here goes -

In stage shows, I don't think the audience likes Add A Number kind of predictions where the final prediction is not really relevant to them. I want my predictions to be funny and entertaining (ofcourse amazing too).

I'm working on a method to show that I predicted all the funny stuff that was going to happen during my show. Example: Lily will start laughing while naming the Queen of Clubs, James will want to catch me out when I perform the Linking Rings, etc.
Message: Posted by: Senor Fabuloso (Sep 19, 2018 04:20AM)
The ULTIMATE Prediction which I have yet to see might be, to have invested in the stock market the day before the stock goes up making millions. The mentalist who is able to do that would be set for life in more ways than one :)
Message: Posted by: Mindpro (Sep 27, 2018 10:13AM)
Ask John C
Message: Posted by: Jonathan Townsend (Sep 28, 2018 05:13PM)
[quote]On Aug 21, 2018, magicianbrady wrote:
I'm working on a method to show that I predicted all the funny stuff that was going to happen during my show... [/quote]
Derren Brown did something along those lines in one of his shows.
Message: Posted by: Rachmaninov (Oct 22, 2018 05:29PM)
David Copperfield too with each spectator’s mobile.
Message: Posted by: Terrible Wizard (Nov 18, 2018 04:13AM)
Serial number of notes in multiple random spectators wallets. Start a religion with that.
Message: Posted by: 453rob (Nov 19, 2018 05:57PM)
An accurate weather forecast ;)
Message: Posted by: magicianbrady (Mar 17, 2019 09:59AM)
Thanks guys for all the comments. After many months of looking, I finally found what I was looking for.... it's the Social Prediction by Debjit Magic. I am now able to do exactly what I wanted in my original post and even show that I predicted it a MONTH ago! :) This trick has great reviews but I think for some reason it went under people's radar.
Message: Posted by: tommy (Mar 17, 2019 10:16PM)
Prince Monolulu was the best I have seen.

It is all about the presentation but the trick is tipping different horses to different punters so one can’t fail to forecast the winner - commonly known as the numbers game.
Message: Posted by: tommy (Mar 17, 2019 10:50PM)
It is funny that mathematicians think it is – nothing to do with mathematics or physics –
Message: Posted by: Pop Haydn (May 10, 2019 02:11PM)
"If Croesus goes to war he will destroy a great empire." ~Oracle of Delphi
Message: Posted by: tommy (May 10, 2019 05:04PM)
Indeed and the presentation was beautiful: https://paintingvalley.com/images/oracle-of-delphi-painting-23.jpg
Message: Posted by: bluejay17! (Aug 8, 2019 08:27AM)
Date of birth or bill serial number. No question.
Message: Posted by: Pop Haydn (Aug 8, 2019 03:26PM)
[quote]On Aug 8, 2019, bluejay17! wrote:
Date of birth or bill serial number. No question. [/quote]

Those are predictions?

These are made before the baby is born, and before the bill is printed I assume? :)
Message: Posted by: bluejay17! (Aug 9, 2019 01:05AM)
No, more like being able to predict the serial number of a chosen bill, or the birthdate of a chosen person.