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Topic: Blackpool 2019
Message: Posted by: aheller5 (Aug 25, 2018 08:26AM)
Anyone going to Blackpool 2019? I have never been there and pointers or recomendations?

Message: Posted by: aheller5 (Sep 3, 2018 07:49PM)
Message: Posted by: Wimhek (Sep 24, 2018 12:06PM)
If you come outside of the UK take a travel power adapter with you, also keep in mind to have some English cash currency.
There are enough ATM s in the surrounding off the Wintergarden.
At the dealers stand you sometimes have to pay cash, however with the large dealers you can pay with credit card or Pin.
For visiting the lectures : you get a programme at the checkin desk , make a plan which lecturers to visit, cause most lectures overlap in time,keep in mind that most lectures are given 2 times.
Food : in the Wintergarden you can buy snacs and there is a restaurant an a bar. In the surroundings of the WG. There are enough restaurants, pizzeria etc.
Any more questions ?

Message: Posted by: Wimhek (Sep 24, 2018 03:40PM)
If you need public transport in Blackpool, you can use the app ĎBPL transportí
You-can buy tickets online and it contains a timetable etc.

Keep an eye on the app store or.google store as well, just a few weeks before the convention comes. a handy app will be released.
Message: Posted by: aheller5 (Sep 27, 2018 10:30AM)
TY soooo much
Message: Posted by: Roger Kelly (Nov 18, 2018 08:10AM)
Clear your credit cards before you arrive! :)
Message: Posted by: lochmann4522 (Nov 27, 2018 12:00PM)
Blackpool is fantastic every year
Message: Posted by: killermagic80 (Nov 28, 2018 09:15AM)
[quote]On Nov 27, 2018, lochmann4522 wrote:
Blackpool is fantastic every year [/quote]

Message: Posted by: chuds (Dec 1, 2018 04:33PM)
I have been going for years, fantastic experience and Iím sure you will love it!
Message: Posted by: SomersetMagi (Jan 4, 2019 07:16AM)
It will be my first time too. Really looking forward to it. Any top tips to get the most out of the weekend?
Message: Posted by: Ian Rowland (Jan 10, 2019 08:39AM)
Handy Guide To Blackpool

1. All of the Blackpool Convention takes place within the Winter Gardens complex.

The Ruskin Hotel, on Albert Road, is the unofficial social Ďhubí of the convention, where most people congregate and session in the evenings. Itís vast, with about four or five different bars (including the downstairs section). It gets very crowded, busy and noisy, which means some people love it and others donít.

Thereís also quite a lot of evening socialising at the Blackpool Hilton, where many of the performers stay, but many regulars would say that The Ruskin, for all its perceived faults and flaws, is the place to be and the heart of the genuine Blackpool experience.

The Winter Gardens and The Ruskin are within easy walking distance of one another. Unless you like a LOT of walking, most people use a local taxi to get to and from the Hilton.

You can find all these places on the map. This information should help you to choose the ideal location in terms of your accommodation.

2. If youíre coming from overseas, donít expect too much in terms of accommodation. There are 1000 small hotels and Ďbed and breakfastí places all over Blackpool. In very general terms, the average standard of these places is probably a little lower than what youíre used to. Donít worry about it. Youíll be able to sleep and get a shower, which is all that matters. You arenít coming to stay in your room.

3. Come for the whole thing if you can. Itís true that they sell day tickets and these will be ideal for some people. However, if you possibly can, enjoy the full-on Blackpool experience! Arrive on Thursday, enjoy three full days and nights of the convention, and go home on Monday morning. You donít want to miss Sunday night (the last night) in The Ruskin. Itís like nothing else on the magic calendar.

Donít make big plans for the Tuesday after the convention. Youíre probably going to need that for recovery!

4. Day time. Get the programme, study it and see which lectures you really want to see. Plan your time accordingly. If thereís a lecture that really matters to you, get to the venue very early Ė as much as 45 minutes before itís due to start. The top lectures create a lot of demand. You canít expect to turn up at the last minute and get a good seat with an excellent view. Plan ahead! Note that many (but not all) lectures are repeated. If you can't see you hero on one day, check the rest of the programme to see if the same lecture is offered at another time.

You cannot save or reserve seats by plonking personal possessions on them and then wandering off. This is frowned on and discouraged, and you shouldnít be surprised if you come back and find that people have moved your possessions elsewhere.

5. Dealers. You have never seen anything like it. Three massive rooms, like aircraft hangars, full of dealers. In the main dealer hall, look up Ė there are even more dealers on the balcony on the upper level. If you like dealer stuff, bring plenty of money (both cash and credit cards). Youíll be able to buy all the latest stuff and pick up plenty of bargains, special offers and second-hand items too. Leave room in your luggage to take it all back home with you!

DO support the dealers as much as you can. Itís a very long, hard-working convention for them and they deserve your love and support. If possible, try to visit the dealers at what are likely to be the less crowded times... very early, or when there's a couple of very popular lectures on. It's better for you (more room) and better for them.

6. Apart from lectures, shows and dealer, spend the rest of your day time socialising with friends either within the Winter Gardens (thereís one main Cafť/Bar area and a couple of other options) or in the various Cafťs, pubs and restaurants in the surrounding area. There are lots to choose from.

7. Evenings. You get three full-length gala shows, one for each night of the convention. Each show gets performed twice, so you can choose Ďearlyí or Ďlateí when you register. Itís purely a matter of personal preference. Once the shows are over, thatís when most people go to session and socialise in The Ruskin, the Hilton or somewhere else to get away from the crowds. In general, most people stay up pretty late and finish off with some food from the all-night McDonalds at the beach end of Albert Road. There are also late-night special events such as 'Beat The Wand'. If you are interested in these events, you need to get there VERY early, as much as an hour before they're due to start, or you'll find them very crowded.

8. Food. Plan you main evening meals carefully. You might not have a lot of time between the end of your Ďdayí activities and the start of your gala show. Also, many of the local restaurants fill up pretty quickly at times of peak demand. You canít rely on being able to just walk in and get a table. You can try booking tables in advance ó some places do this, some donít.

9. The registration desk, near the Winter Gardens main entrance, is always fully staffed. The people who work there are angels. They can answer all your questions, help with any problems and explain anything thatís not clear. Treat them with friendly respect Ė they are essentially giving up their convention, unpaid, so that YOU can enjoy these wonderful three days and nights of fun.

10. Sessioning and socialising. Itís a friendly convention. If youíre going with friends or know a lot of people there, fine. If you donít know many people, just say hi and introduce yourself to people. Thereís no need to feel left out or lonely. Everyone is very welcoming. This is especially true if itís your first time at Blackpool. Those of us who have been before will be happy to chat to you, show you the ropes, answer any questions, offer advice, explain anything thatís not clear and otherwise make you feel welcome.
Message: Posted by: Leslie Melville (Jan 12, 2019 06:21PM)
Just registered and looking forward to seeing my magical chums!

We're off to see the Wizards!
Message: Posted by: magicnorm (Jan 17, 2019 05:14PM)
Thanks Ian that was an awesome helpfully guide. Not going to make it this year but will definitely be there next one. Until then just have to my fix reading about from other attendees reviews.

Message: Posted by: blowin (Jan 22, 2019 07:50AM)
Hi - this is all very helpful so thank you everyone.

I'm thinking of bringing my son (11) for a couple of days to this year's event. Does anyone have any information and/or opinions on what this event might be like for someone that age?

We're both complete (and I mean complete) amateurs. I'm still practicing the overhand shuffle from RRCM and he's got a few self-working tricks but is keen to know more.

Thanks in advance.
Message: Posted by: magikmax (Feb 1, 2019 12:07PM)
Hi Blowin, I'm thinking of taking my 12 year old daughter next year (she will be 13 then), however I have been to 7 out of the last 10 Blackpool conventions. By the sounds of things, it will be super exciting and mind blowing for both of you.

The convention is very busy, and the Winter Gardens is a large building with several exits with people coming and going all the time. You will need to keep an eye on your son, and make sure he doesn't wonder off too far. I'm sure you want to enjoy yourself as well, and not constantly have to worry about losing each other, so I would advise arranging a meeting place in the main foyer if you accidentally get seperated - don't rely on having a mobile signal if you need to phone each other, I don't have too many issues with Three in the Winter Gardens, but I have heard of people not getting a signal.

The dealer's hall gets extremely busy, and will probably be best avoided at peak times, however it is usually fairly quiet first thing in the morning, so it may be best to get some shopping in then. I would advise that you particularly take time to visit the children's magic lectures (lectures for children's entertainers, not lectures for children), as children are in short supply, and are usually treated like royalty in the lectures, and often asked to take part. In the past these have been held in the Ice Room on Sunday morning, however there was a change of location last year to the Derham Lounge if I recall correctly.

As others have said there are a few choices for eating around the event, the £1 bakery and Greggs are across the road, and there's a Subway and a chip shop practically next door to the Winter Gardens. I usually take a trip down the high street to visit one of the £1 shops to stock up on juice, bottled water and a packet of sweets to avoid paying the Winter Gardens' prices. It will be freezing cold, so wrap up warm. There are cloak rooms available in the Winter Gardens if required.

As far as other suitabilities are concerned, I've never seen any disturbances at the convention, there's nothing you wouldn't see going to a local chain pub or restaurant for a family meal. Pickpockets have been known to wonder around the dealers hall, so I would advise you to keep any valuables out of sight and secure. Some lecturers will utter the odd swear word, however nothing severe. As far as small bladders are concerned, there are plenty of toilets in the Gardens, so no worries on that front. I would have no hesitation in taking my daughter there. Good luck and have fun.
Message: Posted by: blowin (Feb 1, 2019 12:26PM)
THANK YOU Magicmax for that - very helpful and reassuring. I think we will definitely be there and I am really looking forward to it.

I suspect it will to cost me a fortune one we get into that dealers hall...