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Topic: REVIEW: Finger Flasher by Jeremy Bracco
Message: Posted by: StraightTalkMagicReviews (Aug 26, 2018 08:45PM)
REVIEW: Finger Flasher by Jeremy Bracco
RATING: 8 out of 10
LINK TO REVIEW: http://straighttalkmagicreviews.com/fingerflasher/

Finger Flasher by Jeremy Bracco is a utility device that allow you to produce a streak of fire from your hand. The “what-is” behind this product is not a secret and a picture of the actual product is displayed on any website where the product is sold; it is a finger flasher.

The Bracco finger flasher comes in dark black or light skin color and fits snugly inside your grip. It come with an elastic string that works as a pull. It comes with a link to a 4 minute video in French. The video does not have English subtitles and is impossible to understand if you, like me, don’t speak or understand French. The video is also hard to follow because most of the shots are far-away. Had the video been produced better, you would have been able to follow-it, but that is not the case here. One may be left with questions like: do I use paper or cotton? Where do I get a replacement flint wheel? What are some routines that I can learn?

The actual finger flasher is well made out of a hard plastic. It will not melt and is easy to load. The flint wheel, is replaceable, but as I alluded to above, I do not know where to get a replacement that would fit here. When the time comes, I will figure it out. The elastic pull that comes with this product feels like it has been used for years and does not have a strong elasticity feel to it. I have also replaced the pull safety pin because the one provided is too small and not dependable enough. It still works, but it is not the best quality pull. For $29.95 I would expect a better quality elastic string.

Overall, I like this finger flasher. It provides a strong single blast of fire that is shocking and surprising to your spectators.