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Topic: Routine assistance
Message: Posted by: Dr Mage (Jul 15, 2002 01:46PM)
I need some help. I have recently picked up Stratosphere, Run Rabbit Run, and Hippity Hop Rabbits through some online auctions and a magic flea market. While the effect are rather simple, I was wondering if anyone had ideas on how to utilize these at a birthday show (~12 kids, 4-7 years old).

None of the effects came with instructions or patter. Help!
Message: Posted by: Kardenni (Jul 16, 2002 12:50AM)
Go to your local magic shop and tell them your situation and they might be able to help you by making copies of the insructions for you, or contact a magicstore on line and see if they can email you instructions.
Good Luck!
Message: Posted by: Dr Mage (Jul 16, 2002 11:31AM)
I understand how the effects work. I just wanted some suggestions on a "story" to go along with them.
Message: Posted by: Kardenni (Jul 21, 2002 12:35AM)
When I perform this effect I show the three balls and juggle them for a second and place them in the tube one at a time, but I say that I need to place the balls in as marked on the tube.
"First green!" but when I say that i put in the yellow one.
"Next yellow!" but I put in the gree one.
The kids love this and they will all screem no you did it wrong!
Then I put in the red one. when I lift up the tube nothing is at all like i put it in. Its all backwords. I do all this twice till I finally give up and get rid of the red ball. To their surprise the red ball is back in the tube and disapeared from the green box.
The idea behind this is that I wanna try to start the trick but it keeps going wrong. Then I try to fix it by putting the red ball away but it comes back.
I once thought of doing the trick with a red apple a lemon and a lime. Never did it so i dont know if it works.
You can also maybe talk about a traffic light and how the picture on the tube is like a traffic light and the ball are the bulbs! Something fun to play with maybe?
Well I hope that helps you a little bit Dr. Mage.

Message: Posted by: Dr Mage (Jul 21, 2002 11:55AM)
Good idea. I like it.

I've used a story about going to the grocery store. I'd ask the bagger to place the tomato (red ball) on top, but it would always wind up on the bottom (squished) when I got home. I finally decide to have them place the tomato in a separate bag, but discover the bag empty when I get home. :bigsmile:
Message: Posted by: Kardenni (Jul 21, 2002 09:01PM)
Thats cool! I like it.