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Topic: Water to Wine (Paul Hallas)
Message: Posted by: EndersGame (Aug 30, 2018 08:18PM)
This is another of several packet tricks included in [url=https://magicmakersinc.com/packet-tricks/ultimate-card-collection]The Ultimate Card Trick Collection[/url] by Paul Hallas. Paul is a respected authority on packet tricks, having authored several books on the subject. Originally this packet trick came with a DVD, but now it comes with just the cards, and a link to a special website with detailed video instructions.

[b]Water to Wine [/b]


[b]Effect:[/b] This is a variation on the classic Wild Card effect, and in his explanation Paul briefly runs through some of the background and credits. A set of seven cards are shown all to have water, except one which has wine. Then one at a time, they turn into wine.

See Paul's performance of Water to Wine here:


[b]Comment:[/b] In his patter I'm glad Paul didn't make any reference to Jesus turning water into wine, which would be trivializing an actual miracle; although this implied connection still makes me slightly uncomfortable with this theme. Although as he rightly points out, the nature of the trick is well suited for doing at a restaurant or bar. Paul himself has a series of drinking jokes that he tells as he does the routine, which I think actually distracts from the effect itself - although he has so many gags that you can just pick some of his material if you like. But of course this is a trick that you customize to your own style, and the real appeal is the gaffed cards, and the effect itself. This version of Wild Card uses 7 instead of 9 cards to save on table space - which can be an issue in restaurant settings. Along the way he does teach the glide and the double lift; and if these are sleights you already know, then you should find this routine very easy, especially since the changing of most of the cards happens with exactly the same series of moves.

The cards are poker-sized, and have an air cushion style finish, and seem to be durable and handle well. The video production quality is excellent, with very clear audio and great visuals and multiple camera angles. Paul's teaching is solid, and he explains all the sleights needed, although already having an ability with the fundamentals of card magic will make learning this much easier. Still, this routine isn't complex, and there's no knuckle-busting moves. The novelty element of these cards can produce some fun and light-hearted magic. It may not be killer material, but with the right presentation, it can be used to create some good reactions and entertainment.