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Topic: Handy Trick Collection (Paul Hallas)
Message: Posted by: EndersGame (Aug 31, 2018 03:41AM)
This is another of several packet tricks included in [url=https://magicmakersinc.com/packet-tricks/ultimate-card-collection]The Ultimate Card Trick Collection[/url] by Paul Hallas. Paul is a respected authority on packet tricks, having authored several books on the subject. Originally this packet trick came with a DVD, but now it comes with just the cards, and a link to a special website with detailed video instructions.

[b]Handy Trick Collection[/b]


Ten gaff cards are supplied and used for two different effects; the first effect only uses 6 of these but you have to supply a regular deck to go with them; while the second effect only uses 8 of these. The instructional video for this runs for around 22 minutes.

[b]Double Revelation:[/b] A card is freely selected by a spectator and turned face up. The two adjacent cards are removed from the deck. Then some cards with hands pictured on them are introduced, and finally the two cards previously removed from the deck are revealed and shown to be exactly the same two cards pictured on the "hand" cards!

See Paul's performance of this routine here:


[b]Comment:[/b] In terms of method, this reminds me of a relatively simple trick called "card Between the Jokers" that I've been performing for years, although here the use of the "hand" cards adds some elements to make it seem more magical due to a simultaneous match - while adding some extra handling and things to remember in the process. The sleights used are very simple, and yet in my experience the main move required (Prophecy Move or Bill Simon Turnover) never gets noticed! The explanation also covers the Hammond Optical Count (Flustration Count), and an alternative way of doing the trick for a single spectator with a single card using the Elmsley Count.

[b]Variation:[/b] Two piles of four cards each are introduced - one pile is shown to have all blank cards, the other has four hand cards. Then one at a time, invisibly the hand cards travel to the other pile; after each move, one hand card is shown to have gone and moved to the other pile; at the end, all four cards in each pile are shown, and indeed there has been a complete switch!

[b]Comment:[/b] Paul explains how this can be performed as a routine immediately following the first effect. The transposition is both convincing and powerful. Several fairly easy sleights are used and taught, including Visa Count, Flustration Count, Elmsley Count, and Jordan Count. The use of double blank cards really helps make it a clean routine, although there is a fair bit to remember.

[b]Recommendation[/b]: The cards are poker-sized, and have an air cushion style finish, and seem to be durable and handle well. The video production quality is excellent, with very clear audio and great visuals and multiple camera angles. Paul's teaching is solid, and he explains all the sleights needed, although already having an ability with the fundamentals of card magic will make learning this much easier. Still, this routine isn't complex, and there's no knuckle-busting moves. The novelty element of these cards can produce some fun and light-hearted magic. It may not be killer material, but with the right presentation, it can be used to create some good reactions and entertainment.