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Topic: Vampire Dawn (Paul Hallas)
Message: Posted by: EndersGame (Aug 31, 2018 10:33PM)
This is another of several packet tricks included in [url=https://magicmakersinc.com/packet-tricks/ultimate-card-collection]The Ultimate Card Trick Collection[/url] by Paul Hallas. Paul is a respected authority on packet tricks, having authored several books on the subject. Originally this packet trick came with a DVD, but now it comes with just the cards, and a link to a special website with detailed video instructions.

[b]Vampire Dawn[/b]


[b]Effect:[/b] A blank card is placed face-down on the table, and you tell the story of the dying art of vampires, showing cards with pictures of four vampires, who are on their way back into hiding before dawn. But unfortunately someone prevents them from making it before dawn, and the cards turn into dust; now all four cards are shown to have turned blank. As a final twist, the blank card on the table is turned over to reveal that it's no longer blank, but now has the name of the Vampire Hunter responsible for this mystery: Prof. Van Helsing.

See Paul's performance of Vampire Dawn here:


[b]Comment:[/b] Besides the gaffed cards that are essential to this routine, knowledge of the Elmsley Count is required to perform this effect, and Paul does a good job of teaching it. The Vampire story helps carry the narrative, but this theme won't work for everyone, so it is one limitation of this routine.

The cards are poker-sized, and have an air cushion style finish, and seem to be durable and handle well. The video production quality is excellent, with very clear audio and great visuals and multiple camera angles. Paul's teaching is solid, and he explains all the sleights needed, although already having an ability with the fundamentals of card magic will make learning this much easier. Still, this routine isn't complex, and there's no knuckle-busting moves. The novelty element of these cards can produce some fun and light-hearted magic. It may not be killer material, but with the right presentation, it can be used to create some good reactions and entertainment.

Message: Posted by: fonda57 (Sep 6, 2018 01:35PM)
Doesn't list the price on the site
Message: Posted by: EndersGame (Sep 6, 2018 11:41PM)
[quote]On Sep 7, 2018, fonda57 wrote:
Doesn't list the price on the site [/quote]
The link I gave was just to the publisher's website. I normally buy my magic from Amazon, eBay, or Penguin Magic.

It's priced around $20 on Amazon at the link below - and that's for the entire set of seven packet tricks:


You'll find it on eBay right now for around the same price.