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Topic: The best book's acquisition in my life
Message: Posted by: stine (Sep 3, 2018 05:15PM)
I get a call from Gregory Wilson that the manager at Hollywood magic in Newport is blowing out their book stock. For 200 bucks you could have whatever you want. I went over there and started selecting a few books and then when I was done and had filled a cardboard box Greg says "oh you need this one and this one and kept piling books into my box. I left with 2 boxes full for 200 bucks. Amongst which were Tommy Wonder both books, Oriental conjuring and magic, Out of Control,Carneycopia, Secrets,Complete Vernon chronicles,Kaufman Discovery of witchcraft,Stanyons serial lessons in conjuring, Arto of astonishment 3 volumes, magic of Michael am mar, williamson's wonders,Paramiracles, can't even remember them all. I went home and calculated retail and for my 200 investment ended up with 4grand in books.I never understood why she was doing this but needless to say I won't ever run into this situation again. Thanks greg.