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Topic: John Cornelius? The Gamblers Diary?
Message: Posted by: montgomerymagic (Sep 4, 2018 07:48AM)
Looking for anyone who might be able to put me in touch with John Cornelius. I have a few questions about a Diary Effect he sold or performed years ago. I believe it was called The Gamblers Diary. If anyone has any information on this effect please PM me or if you could possibly pass this request on to John I would greatly appreciate it.
Message: Posted by: Waterloophai (Nov 4, 2018 02:42AM)
I too am looking for the email address of John.
Is there someone who can give me the personal email address of John Cornelius?

The Diary used his "John Cornelius Card System".
He performed it at the FISM World Championships in 1979 in Brussels where he won the 1st prize Micro Magic.
Message: Posted by: montgomerymagic (Mar 7, 2021 11:51AM)
UPDATE! After 3 years of searching I finally found one today. I only wished I had the opportunity to speak with John before his passing. RIP John