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Topic: Jay Noblezada
Message: Posted by: servant (Sep 13, 2018 10:39AM)
Is it just me or did Jay Noblezada disappear? I can't find anything recent from him, and I was curious if he stopped performing.
Message: Posted by: snm (Sep 23, 2018 05:56PM)
Jay now works at a car dealership. http://www.kearnymesahyundai.com/dealership/staff.htm

Not sure what happened. He had a lot of amazing stuff going on with magic and HTG but then he just disappears and quit it all apparently.

Anyone else have any more details on to what happened or what else is may be up to?
Message: Posted by: EZrhythm (Nov 4, 2020 02:55AM)
Maybe he got a girlfriend/wife who said, it's either me or the magic. :yikes:
Message: Posted by: Doric (Jan 29, 2021 01:27PM)
He grew up and got a proper job! 😂
Message: Posted by: Glenn Watson (Feb 3, 2021 05:29PM)