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Topic: Clown Make-Up
Message: Posted by: Danny Kazam (Sep 17, 2018 01:55PM)
I wonder if anyone can share with me some of the better professional clown make-up on the market. Thanks!
Message: Posted by: Mindpro (Dec 18, 2018 07:37AM)
(Crickets sound effect) Man, seems there is no action in this thread these days...or clowns just don't want to help out a brother.

I can tell you for decades now we've used Stein's Clown White makeup. I was first turned onto this in the early days of the band Kiss, as it is what they've used for decades as well. I hope this helps you.
Message: Posted by: RiffClown (Dec 25, 2018 09:37PM)
I don't come by as often as I used to. I mainly lurk as I'm active in other ventures these days.
I'm personally very fond of Mehron. It does the job better than any other brand I've used.
Message: Posted by: Budihaha (Feb 12, 2019 09:30AM)
Some clown use Jim Howle Clown make up products
Message: Posted by: IncantoMagic (Feb 20, 2019 07:53PM)
Iv used Mehron, Kryolon, and Ben Nye Clown white and Greasepaint. They are all fine.